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Bella Gubenko

President of the Association of East European Jewry

Bella Gubenko was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine on July 4, 1948. She graduated High School, then Medical College in Vinnitsa, with a B.S. in Nursing. She attended courses for “Teacher of Jewish Language and Tradition” at Moldova University and “Teachers of Jewish Culture and Tradition” in Odessa University. Emigrating to the U.S. in 1998, she received a degree in the Arts in Touro College. She was Brooklyn’s Extraordinary Women of 2013. Bella was President of Vinnitsa Jewish Societies of Language and Culture. She also established a memorial stone in the Holocaust Memorial Park for the Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Bella authored books of poetry and produced albums, the latest titled “Songs of Women.”


Association of East European Jewry
1565 East 14th Street, Apt 3D, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Mission: Our mission is to promote and preserve Jewish culture and heritage, foster Jewish identity among East European Jews from the former Soviet Union, and to cultivate Jewish identity and pride by achievements of the State of Israel. We offer lectures and cultural events, organize celebrations of Jewish holidays and commemorations of historical events.