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COJECO RSJ Symposium

Eli Schaap

Senior Vice President The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Eli Schaap’s focus is on transforming Jewish education through consensus decision-making, action research, and other elements of change organizing. Previously, he worked as a consultant to several national Jewish organizations and also served as the Associate Executive Director of CAJE. Prior to that, he worked for twenty years in the business community. As a volunteer, he founded and served as president of the Partnership Fund for Teaneck, a non-profit devoted to improving Teaneck intergroup relations. Eli received his training in a Ph.D. program in Ecology and Evolution at SUNY at Stony Brook. He has conducted action research and published several articles on the culture of employment, recruitment and retention of Jewish educators, on early childhood Jewish education, and on institutional finances. He has frequently presented his research at the Conference of the Network for Research in Jewish Education. He has also been deeply involved in the development and operation of Hebrew language charter schools and currently serves on the boards of Hebrew Language Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, NY and Hatikvah International Academy Charter School in East Brunswick, NJ.


The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life

Mission: The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life was founded in 1994 by Michael H. Steinhardt to strengthen and transform American Jewish life so that it may flourish in a fully integrated, free society.

Our philanthropy seeks to revitalize Jewish identity through educational and cultural initiatives that reach out to all Jews, with an emphasis on those who are on the margins of Jewish life, as well as to advocate for and support Hebrew and Jewish literacy among the general population.