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COJECO RSJ Symposium

Montreal Children Families Teens

Oxana Pasternak

Program Coordinator, PJ Library in Montreal, Russian Language Program

Oxana was born in Kiev, lived in Israel, and then immigrated to Canada with her family in 2007, where she earned a degree at McGill University. A Jewish community professional and volunteer for over five years, she is very passionate about the Russian speaking Jewish community. From the beginning, she realized that this community was not disinterested in Jewish life; they were simply searching for something that resonated with, and honoured, their unique cultural identity and interests. With this in mind, she started the PJ Library project for Russian Speaking Jewish (RSJ) families. From its humble beginnings, RSJ has expanded to include cultural, educational and social activities. Oxana was part of RSJ’s Centennial Committee, initiated RSJ parents’ involvement in the community, created a partnership between the Russian PJ Library Story time and the Cote St. Luc Eleanor London Public Library and developed an RSJ engagement grant in collaboration with Camp B’nai Brith. In the four short years since Oxana initiated the program, the RSJ community has forged a strong network amongst themselves and the larger Montreal community and she is confident that generations to come will reap the reward a strong, vibrant, connected, Russian Jewish community.


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