The Virtual Academy of Jewish Heritage offers a series of top-notch Jewish and Israel-related educational sessions in English and Russian. The programs include online lectures on Jewish History and culture, Russian-Jewish heritage, virtual tours of Museums and places of Jewish interest from around the world, stories of outstanding Jewish personalities, and much more.

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Details: COJECO Virtual Academy of Jewish Heritage provides the COJECO community with an opportunity to learn about Jewish civilization. Every month, Dr. Yigal Kotler, COJECO Director of Jewish Education, as well as guest presenters research and offer presentations on various topics of Jewish history and culture.  Speakers from around the world offer virtual Jewish tours or lectures on a topic of interest.

Where: Lectures are conducted virtually on Zoom and are open to the public. While the lectures are free, advance registration is required, and donations to support the program are highly encouraged.

Topics of Interest: The Virtual Academy of Jewish Heritage covers a variety of topics spanning from Soviet and Russian Jewish history to Jewish philosophy, culture, Jewish communities around the world, etc.  Previous topics have included such themes as “Odessa Jews and the Jewish State”, “Yiddish Theater in New York in the early Twentieth Century,” “Portrayal of the Devil in Jewish Tradition,” “Jewish Pirates,” Israeli Intelligence Services and the Jewish Movement in the Soviet Union,” “Famous Jewish Spies and Adventurers,” “Conversion to Judaism in the Russian Empire,” and many others!

Virtual Tours and Presentations on Jewish Communities Around the World: Our Academy’s Virtual tours and presentations have included such topics as “The Jews of the Wild West,” “Jewish Japan,” tours of Jewish Italy, Ethiopia, Morocco, Kyiv, Vilnius, St. Petersburg, Spain, etc.

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Archive and Past Lectures: Check out COJECO’s YouTube channel here to watch previous lectures and virtual tours.

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