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COJECO July 2019 Events and Russian-speaking Jewish Community News

2 Jul, 2019

Summer is in the air, so let’s see what exciting events are happening in July! Amazing cultural and educational events: Celebrate Israel Water and Air Parade, volunteering Jewish Tour of Ukraine, exhibition of Jewish Folk Craft Guild, DODO Orchestra on the Roof and many more! Keep reading and check out all the great events by COJECO, our […]

Stepping Up: the COJECO RSJ Symposium 2019

2 Jul, 2019

“Russian-speaking Jews across North America are stepping up and making a mark as philanthropists and community leaders. Our community aspirations can be brought to reality when investment in RSJ development is prioritized to ensure that Russian-speaking Jews have a stronger voice at the table of the decision makers in the broader Jewish community.” Great article in […]

COJECO June 2019 Events and Russian-speaking Jewish Community News

4 Jun, 2019

It’s finally nice outside and an opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends during Memorial Day weekend was lovely. And there are so many exciting programs and events taking place in our community very soon! The Israeli flags and our signature purple t-shirts are ready, our float is beautifully designed and the playlist […]

COJECO May 2019 Events and Russian-speaking Jewish Community News

1 May, 2019

We hope you are enjoying the blooming trees and beautiful weather – we all deserve it! April was a beautiful month of Passover celebrations and time spent with family. We would like to thank everyone for participating in our Passover campaign. Your gift will make a tremendous impact on our work with the Russian-speaking Jewish […]

COJECO April 2019 Events and RSJ Community News

17 Apr, 2019

Spring is officially here, we have put away our Purim costumes and have begun our Passover preparations. So let’s shed the burdens of a long winter, make strides towards freedom and check out all the great events by COJECO, our BluePrint Fellows and Network and partnering organizations. Keep reading for more Passover wisdom.

COJECO March 2019 Events and RSJ Community News

17 Apr, 2019

Another month went by, but what a month! From our beautiful and emotional B’nai Mitzvah Ceremony at Congregation Ansche Chesed in New York to our amazing trip to Israel and the Ceremony in Jerusalem. Those memories will stay with everybody forever, and we are excited to create more memories with the next cohort. Read the […]

Russian-speaking Teens Celebrate First Bar/Bat Mitzvah in 4 Generations

17 Apr, 2019

“The teens had an opportunity to touch the scroll, to learn Hebrew and to read from the Torah. It brings them closer to their Jewish roots, opens new horizons and gives them the foundation for their future lives.” A lovely article about COJECO B’Nai Mitzvah ceremony at Ansche Chesed in EJewish Philanthropy. Read the article

Launch of NY/NJ edition of JEvents App

17 Apr, 2019

We are happy to announce the launch of New York/New Jersey edition of JEvents NY/NJ Mobile App. This project gathers and presents Jewish events and programs of interest to the Russian-speaking Jews in a single user-friendly app with the main goal of helping Jewish people and communities connect. Read the Newsletter

COJECO Feburary 2019 Events and RSJ Community News

16 Apr, 2019

We would like to introduce an innovative Jewish educational project for the families: RJkrug. RJkrug is a new Jewish learning initiative for and by the Russian-speaking Jewish families in the New York Metropolitan area. The program is a joint effort of COJECO, Hebrew Learning Circles (headed by Rabbi Reuben Modek), iMishpacha and RJeneration. Read the Newsletter

COJECO December 2018 Events and RSJ Community News

16 Apr, 2019

May 2019 bring only light, happiness and laughter to you and your family! May all your wishes come true. Happy New Year! С Новым Годом! Read the Newsletter

COJECO November 2018 Events and RSJ Community News

16 Apr, 2019

The Second Cohort of B’nai Mitzvah Families has been learning the Jewish history and traditions, creating a community of practice and celebrating Jewish life together.  We are excited to be part of this journey with the participating families. Read the Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter

15 Apr, 2019

The IX Cohort BluePrint Fellows have begun their journey. The Fellows spent a weekend exploring their Jewish identity and the collective memory of our people, experiencing the joy of Shabbat away from the city hustle and bustle and working on their community engagement projects. Read the newsletter

Shana Tova u’Metuka

15 Apr, 2019

May this New Year be sweet like honey, plentiful as a freshly baked challah, and filled with as many good deeds as a pomegranate!

August 2018 Events and RSJ Community News

15 Apr, 2019

BluePrint Fellowship Application is Live! Arts and Culture? Jewish and Israel Education and Advocacy? Community building? Come with a great idea and COJECO BluePrint Fellowship will help you turn your community project ideas and passions into reality with the help of implementation grants, inspiring sessions and an incredible network of BluePrint Fellows, alumni, and educators. […]

April-May 2018 Events and RSJ Community News

15 Apr, 2019

Join COJECO in celebrating 17 years of service to the Russian-speaking Jewish Community. Honoring: Kate Kalmykov, COJECO Board Co-President, Greenberg Traurig LLC Ronn Torossian, President and CEO, 5WPR, Philanthropist Marina and Michael Zurakhinsky, Community Leaders, Founders of Zplay School and The Art Story Foundation. Read the April-May 2018 COJECO Events Newsletter