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Solidarity March Against Anti-Semitism: Thousands Rally After Attacks

12 Jan, 2020

Thank you to all who joined the march against Antisemitism in NYC on January 5. Check out the NY Times article and a photo by the NYT Yana Paskova capturing proud Russian-speaking Jewish Community marchers.

COJECO January 2020 Newsletter

12 Jan, 2020

We’re looking forward to the new 2020  year and have so much planned for our Russian-speaking Jewish community. It is cold and gloomy outside and we are excited to present opportunities for you to warm up your body and soul: an original theater production, a children’s musical, a chess exhibition, and so much more for any […]

COJECO December Newsletter

12 Jan, 2020

December will light up with Chanukah lights and bring joy for any age and taste. We will  build and paint Chanukiyot, eat latkes with sufganiyot for dessert and have so much fun! Holiday musical, original theater productions, festivals and lectures will have your month filled to the brim. It’s getting colder and sunshine is rare, so we are […]

COJECO November 2019 Newsletter

29 Oct, 2019

Our community has been busy creating new and exciting opportunities for all ages. November has a lot in store: Mitzvah Day in New Jersey, a poetry reading, PJ Library kids events, conversation with creators and the cast of “Fauda”, lectures and educational events. So much to choose from – and so little time!

COJECO October 2019 Newsletter

2 Oct, 2019

We are about to enter the most eventful month of the Jewish calendar. So, what is October bringing us? Lots of unique holiday events! Sukkot for the families in New Jersey, Art Film Festival, the reading of translations of Yesenin, indoor and outdoor events for families, a klezmer concert, parenting lecture and more. Keep reading our […]

COJECO has announced the 12-person Cohort X of the BluePrint Fellowship

5 Sep, 2019

The Fellowship brings together a select group of Russian-speaking Jewish innovators, artists and intellectuals, to explore the link between personal identity and creativity. Read an article in eJewishPhilanthropy about our 2019-2020 Cohort.

COJECO September Newsletter

29 Aug, 2019

So much happening in September! Our community is bustling with exciting programs and anyone can find something of interest for their family – Rosh Hashana events for families, literary evenings, unique theater performances, Holocaust Remembrance ceremony and much more. Check out COJECO newsletter

COJECO August 2019 Newsletter

1 Aug, 2019

Happy Summer! We hope you are enjoying the long sunny days, family time, vacation… and are staying close to that AC! We have been working hard to bring you new programs and make sure the upcoming year will be full of interesting and exciting educational events. Please read on about our newest development – RJKrug! […]

COJECO July 2019 Events and Russian-speaking Jewish Community News

2 Jul, 2019

Summer is in the air, so let’s see what exciting events are happening in July! Amazing cultural and educational events: Celebrate Israel Water and Air Parade, volunteering Jewish Tour of Ukraine, exhibition of Jewish Folk Craft Guild, DODO Orchestra on the Roof and many more! Keep reading and check out all the great events by COJECO, our […]

Stepping Up: the COJECO RSJ Symposium 2019

2 Jul, 2019

“Russian-speaking Jews across North America are stepping up and making a mark as philanthropists and community leaders. Our community aspirations can be brought to reality when investment in RSJ development is prioritized to ensure that Russian-speaking Jews have a stronger voice at the table of the decision makers in the broader Jewish community.” Great article in […]

COJECO June 2019 Events and Russian-speaking Jewish Community News

4 Jun, 2019

It’s finally nice outside and an opportunity to spend extra time with family and friends during Memorial Day weekend was lovely. And there are so many exciting programs and events taking place in our community very soon! The Israeli flags and our signature purple t-shirts are ready, our float is beautifully designed and the playlist […]

COJECO May 2019 Events and Russian-speaking Jewish Community News

1 May, 2019

We hope you are enjoying the blooming trees and beautiful weather – we all deserve it! April was a beautiful month of Passover celebrations and time spent with family. We would like to thank everyone for participating in our Passover campaign. Your gift will make a tremendous impact on our work with the Russian-speaking Jewish […]

COJECO April 2019 Events and RSJ Community News

17 Apr, 2019

Spring is officially here, we have put away our Purim costumes and have begun our Passover preparations. So let’s shed the burdens of a long winter, make strides towards freedom and check out all the great events by COJECO, our BluePrint Fellows and Network and partnering organizations. Keep reading for more Passover wisdom.

COJECO March 2019 Events and RSJ Community News

17 Apr, 2019

Another month went by, but what a month! From our beautiful and emotional B’nai Mitzvah Ceremony at Congregation Ansche Chesed in New York to our amazing trip to Israel and the Ceremony in Jerusalem. Those memories will stay with everybody forever, and we are excited to create more memories with the next cohort. Read the […]

Russian-speaking Teens Celebrate First Bar/Bat Mitzvah in 4 Generations

17 Apr, 2019

“The teens had an opportunity to touch the scroll, to learn Hebrew and to read from the Torah. It brings them closer to their Jewish roots, opens new horizons and gives them the foundation for their future lives.” A lovely article about COJECO B’Nai Mitzvah ceremony at Ansche Chesed in EJewish Philanthropy. Read the article