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COJECO Virtual  Academy of the Russian Jewish Heritage

Jews of Ukraine in the 17th-18th centuries

At this session with Yigal Kotler we will talk about the dramatic events of Jewish history in Ukraine during this period. We will touch upon topics such as the pogroms of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Haidamaks, messianic movements among Jews, the formation of Hasidism, and even try to find the answer to the question whether Jewish Cossacks existed.

How Russia Greeted the Jews

At this session, we will get acquainted with the events of the late 18th – early 19th centuries. At that time about two million Polish-Lithuanian Jews fell under the rule of the Russian crown. We will find out how Russia considered what to do with its’ new subjects and how the Jews reacted to it.

COJECO Virtual Tours

Odessa Jewish Museum Virtual Tour

COJECO Virtual Academy of the Russian Jewish Heritage and Odessa Jewish Community Center “Migdal” invite you and your family to the virtual tour of Odessa Jewish Museum! Museum’s Executive Director, a well-known historian and tour guide Vladimir Chaplin will guide us through the actual museum. Together we will explore exhibition rooms, experience a journey through the history of Odessa’s Jews, become familiar with unique artifacts.

COJECO Pesach Journey to the Met

COJECO RJKrug: Russian Jewish Heritage Program for Families announces its open session. Join us for a virtual tour in the world-class Egyptian galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Journey back in time to Ancient Egypt, and explore the Exodus story through the eyes of the Egyptian society and Mythology.

The program aims to engage adults and teens (12+) in this fully interactive tour with our guide, a Jewish educator and a historian, director of the Torah Intermedia, as well as COJECO RJKrug faculty member – Nachliel haCohen Selavan.