About us

COJECO (Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations) is the central hub of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in the New York tri-state area.

Since our founding, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader within the Russian-speaking Jewish community, having served four primary roles.

* First, as a leader in research to further the growth and enrichment of the Russian-speaking Jewish community of greater New York.  We are conducting research and identifying methods for the successful integration of Russian-speaking Jews into the greater American Jewish community, while preserving the Russian Jewish population’s unique cultural heritage.  Our research has resulted in the identification and preservation of the culture and history of the Russian-speaking Jews, enabling them to engage with the community on their own terms, encouraging identity exploration, informal Jewish education, and volunteering.

*Second, as the umbrella for Russian-speaking Jewish grassroots organizations in the New York City area, COJECO supports over thirty network organizations that provide widely-focused and culturally-appropriate programs and services for Russian-speaking Jews.

*Third, COJECO assists mainstream Jewish institutions and synagogues in developing and implementing culturally sensitive programs for Russian-speaking Jews.

*Fourth, COJECO is a provider of highly-regarded direct programs for Russian-speaking Jews including B’nai Mitzvah missions to Israel, family retreats, leadership development programs, and informal Jewish education.

In addition, we have supported Jewish community-wide initiatives and are especially proud of our 2,000+ participants in the COJECO cluster of the New York City Celebrate Israel Parade every year.

COJECO brings to its mission a unique understanding of the lives of these many immigrants and their families who are so important to the future of the entire Jewish community.