About us

COJECO (Council of Jewish Émigré Community Organizations) is the central hub of the Russian-speaking Jewish community in the New York tri-state area.

The COJECO mission is to convene and connect the Russian-speaking Jewish community through collaborative leadership, innovative engagement, Jewish education, capacity building, and preservation of heritage.


The COJECO vision is to create a cohesive, Jewishly engaged Russian-speaking Jewish community that honors its cultural heritage and is a co-builder of the future of the American Jewish community.

Since our founding, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader within the Russian-speaking Jewish community, having served a number of different roles.

*First, COJECO identifies methods for the successful integration of Russian-speaking Jews into the greater American Jewish community, while preserving the Russian Jewish population’s unique cultural heritage.

*Second, as the umbrella for Russian-speaking Jewish grassroots organizations in the New York City area, COJECO supports over thirty network organizations that provide widely-focused and culturally-appropriate programs and services for Russian-speaking Jews.

*Third, COJECO is a provider of highly-regarded direct programs for Russian-speaking Jews including B’nai Mitzvah missions to Israel, family retreats, leadership development programs, and informal Jewish education.

In addition, we have supported Jewish community-wide initiatives and are especially proud of our 2,000+ participants in the COJECO cluster of the New York City Celebrate Israel Parade every year.

COJECO brings to its mission a unique understanding of the lives of these many immigrants and their families who are so important to the future of the entire Jewish community.