Project Dacha

Project Dacha brings informal Jewish experiences directly to Russian-speaking Jewish families who spend their summers at upstate NY cabin communities – Dacha – by providing fun hands-on workshops for children during the week and immersive family activities during the weekends.

Registration for Project Dacha 2018 is now open!


Project Dacha is a new model of Jewish day camp designed specifically for Russian-speaking Jewish (RSJ) children, parents, and grandparents, providing informal Jewish educational experiences through a culturally sensitive approach.

Evening & weekend programs are designed for the whole family, including Shabbat celebrations, interactive workshops, and family games.

These experiences strengthen and shape Jewish identity of participants, encourage their future involvement in Jewish life and learning, and make them more comfortable in the Jewish settings.

Project Dacha 2018

Albert’s Bungalow Colony in Liberty, NY
July 8 – July 28, 2018

Why project Dacha?

Many Russian-speaking families from the New York tri-state area spend their summers at “Dacha” – summerhouse communities. Project Dacha engages participants on their own terms, meeting them where they are geographically (at Dacha!), emotionally, and intellectually.

Project Dacha aims to:

  • Provide RSJ children and their families with unique opportunities to experience a sense of community, beauty and relevance of Jewish learning and rituals in a familiar environment
  • Engage participants in a meaningful conversation about the relevance, richness, and joy that Judaism can add to their everyday lives
  • Equip families with the basic tools for Jewish living and to encourage their future involvement in Jewish community life

Moments create memories and memories will be treasured for a lifetime. Experiences that our campers have at Dacha – forging new friendships, engaging in daily activities, discovering and learning new things – ensure that your child has a memorable, fun-filled summer.


Project Dacha


Marina Webb
Site Coordinator

Marina Webb is our Albert's Bungalow Colony Site Coordinator. Currently, she teaches science at the Bronx Latin High School and directs the school glee club.

Gregory Luvish
Sports and Fitness Specialist

Gregory Luvish has worked as a physical education teacher in various schools throughout New York City for the past 15 years.

Alexander Gurinovich
Teacher of Russian Language

Alexander Gurinovich has over six years of experience teaching Russian language and literature to children of different ages in school settings

Asya Gribov
Fine Arts Specialist

Asya loves playing, learning, and creating. She is an experiential educator, community organizer, art lover, and world traveler.

Diana Zeltser
Performing Arts Specialist

Diana’s teaching style is creating a friendly, fun atmosphere, encouraging cooperative learning with hands-on and minds-on approach.

Masha Dinor
Fine Arts Specialist

Masha believes that studying art and architecture has a special impact on kids: they become more sensitive and observant and begin to see beauty in everything that surrounds them.

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