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Svetlana Gubenko

Vice President of the Association of East European Jewry

Svetlana Gubenko was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. After graduating Engineering and Pedigogical Colleges in Ukraine, she was a teacher in the first Jewish Sunday School in Vinnitsa. She opened her first business at 20 years old in the wedding registry industry. She was involved in the Womens Movement as the Coordinator of project “Kesher.” She was involved in the Ukrainian television program “Mishpaha.” In the U.S. she has worked to acquire and keep Jewish family values and ideals. For many years she was a volunteer of the AEEJ and is now the Vice-President. Svetlana is the owner and keeper of the website “It Should Be Alive” – dedicated to the memory of WWII.


Association of East European Jewry
1565 East 14th Street, Apt 2C, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Mission: Our mission is to promote and preserve Jewish culture and heritage, foster Jewish identity among East European Jews from the former Soviet Union, and to cultivate Jewish identity and pride by achievements of the State of Israel. We offer lectures and cultural events, organize celebrations of Jewish holidays and commemorations of historical events.