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COJECO RSJ Symposium

Boston Children Families Inter-generational Teens

Sasha Grebenyuk

Regional Director of Business Operations, Center Makor

Sasha Grebenyuk is an RSJ engagement coordinator in Boston. She works with Center Makor and leads her own project, Jookender. While Grants don't come that easy, Sasha is focusing on creating fruitful collaborations with a number of educational and cultural institutions, whether they are Jewish, Russian-Jewish, or neither. Sasha hopes that her latest major project, an overnight Shabbaton and Jookender Family Camp will trigger the attention of major Philanthropy groups.


Center Makor
1845 Commonwealth Ave

Mission: The Center “Makor” acts as a community center and as an umbrella for many startup non-profit RSJ projects, such as Jookender. Expanding upon the success of the Russian Jewish Community School, which is geared primarily for young families, The Center will offer a plethora of new cultural opportunities and educational offerings affecting nearly every segment of the Russian-speaking community. Despite their weak religious affiliation, Russian Jewish immigrants are deeply committed to bringing back the heritage they were conditioned to ignore and forget while in their homeland. Providing this cultural and educational outlet as a resource for the community will allow members to reeducate themselves and will help build a stronger Jewish community based on knowledge, practice, and action.