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COJECO RSJ Symposium

Philadelphia General Public

Katerina Romanenko

Associate Director of Education, National Museum of American Jewish History

An experienced educator and visual culture historian, Katerina Romanenko, Ph.D. specializes in inquiry and object based learning in formal and informal environments. She has extensive teaching experience, including six years of work as an educator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (New York). Over the years, she has developed a variety of educational programs for different age groups from preschoolers to seniors. She champions a multidisciplinary approach to education, emphasizing the relationship between artifacts and culture, and the connection of history to other disciplines, such as sociology, economics, and political science. Dr. Romanenko currently serves as of the Associate Director of Education at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia where she builds and manages educational programs exploring and celebrating history of Jews in America.


National Museum of American Jewish History
101 S. Independence Mall East, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Mission: The National Museum of American Jewish History, on Independence Mall in Philadelphia, presents educational programs and experiences that preserve, explore, and celebrate the history of Jews in America. Its purpose is to connect Jews more closely to their heritage and to inspire in people of all backgrounds a greater appreciation for the diversity of the American Jewish experience and the freedoms to which Americans aspire.