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Rabbi Asher Altshul

Rabbi, Jewish Center “Nachalat Zion”

Rabbi Asher Altshul is a founder and a Rabbi of the Russian-speaking community at JC "Nachalat Zion", Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Born in Odessa , Ukraine. Grew-up in Israel. Graduated from Yeshivahs: "Chorev", "Makor Chaim" and "Kolel Chabad", where was teaching, as well. Academical education includes Computer Science at Jerusalem College of Technology "Machon Lev" and Finance at Touro College, NY. Served in IDF in Central Command Intellegence Service. Worked as a programmer at Creo-Scitex, Israel. In the US worked as a Rabbi and Computer Science teacher at Sinai Academy, Brooklyn. Served as a Principal at "Elite" Jewish HS. Currently, besides the community rabbinical position, works as a Chaplain at Center Light Healthcare System and involved in many educational projects. Rabbi Asher Altshul is extensively lecturing around the world on various Jewish topics. Father to four.


Or Aziom
2201 E23 St. Booklyn NY

Mission: Founded only fifteen years ago in Jewish Center “Nachalat Zion” in Brooklyn, the outreach program for Russian-speaking Jews evolve to a fully functioning and self-sustained community with daily, weekly and annual activities.
Our goal is to develop the Jewish identity in Russian-speaking community.
Our activities includes: community based social services weekly classes, Holidays, community and family celebration, clubs, after school and Sunday program for children and the most important – personal attention to every member of the community.