Governance: Part IV: Who Runs This Place and How To Make It Run Better How Do We Know Where We Are Going? Performance Management

27 Sep, 2016

We have addressed communication, human resources and fiduciary responsibilities.  Perhaps the most important role a board plays is assessment and evaluation – the ability to test if the organization is, in fact, doing what it says it needs to do.  In this session we’ll familiarize ourselves with the concept of Program Theory and develop tools for the Implementation, efficiency and impact evaluations.  It is in this context that we also will think about the larger picture of what an ethical Jewish organization needs to be.


  1. What is the link between evaluation and performance?
  2. What does a board member need to know and when does (s)he need to know it and act on that knowledge?
  3. What tools and benchmarks do we need to be responsible board members guiding – and not micro-managing – the organization?