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The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater

Children & Family Theater 2008-2009

The unique staging of The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater gives a new life to the Jewish tradition of the Purim Spiel. The joyous holiday of Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jews in ancient Persia thanks to the cleverness of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai who prevail over the King’s evil adviser Haman.

This unique children’s puppetry production of the Purim story is performed in two languages. The Russian version is based on songs from classic Soviet cartoons while the English one features parodies of well-known musical theater, pop and rock tunes.
Original Russian Language Production was created in March 2009, followed by the English Language Production in 2011.

The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater

Luba Proger and Leonid Khanin have been collaborating since 2004 under the name L2coLab. Their combined multidisciplinary education and experience in fine art, architecture and photography has allowed them to create a number of innovative art projects. Their work has been exhibited over the years in  various art venues.

In the past six years L2coLAB has been involved in multidisciplinary art and theater projects, addressing ideas of inner beauty, multiculturalism, and belonging. They are experimenting with immersive environments by use of space, innovative video and audio sampling techniques that stimulate viewers’ perception between themselves and their environment.

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Luba Proger

Leonid Khanin