“The Secret Society” A Russian Language Picture Book

Yevgenia Nayberg is writing and illustrating a Russian language children’s book about the contemporary immigration experience through the eyes of a child. The book, titled “The Secret Society,” approaches the subject of being different metaphorically, through the story of a left-handed little girl and her “secret leftie society.” The story resonates not only with children, but […]

Yevgenia  Nayberg Yevgenia Nayberg

100 Views of New Jerusalem

The mission of “100 Views of New Jerusalem” is to create a wider awareness of modern Jerusalem’s image. Michael’s drawings of Jerusalem’s aesthetic, lifestyle, and culture were all done on site, creating hundreds of initial sketches of the modern cityscape while exploring the terrain on foot. Meditating on the nature and spirit of this Biblical location, Michael refined and developed these initial sketches into a pictorial narrative that constitutes a published book and accompanying exhibition.

Michael Korosty Michael Korosty

60 Reflections

The photography installation 60 Reflections celebrated the 60th year of Israel’s independence through photographs of people’s “reflections” of Israel. L2COLab curated and participated in the exhibition in collaboration with a group of Jewish-Russian New Yorkers. In 60 Reflections , twenty-seven individuals contributed sixty images that together present a photographic panorama of how each sees and […]

Luba Proger Luba Proger
Leonid Khanin Leonid Khanin

About Face

About Face is a surreal drama about a Soviet Jewish immigrant family in America. After years of living in fear, the Berezovsky family fled the Soviet Union to start a new life in America. Nine years later, 16-year-old Lina struggles to stake her claim on an elusive American identity, while her grandmother remains tormented by […]

Essie Martsinkovsky Essie Martsinkovsky

Across the Narrow Bridge

Across the Narrow Bridge is a documentary film about a group of first generation Americans of Soviet Jewish background who travel to Ukraine to explore the Jewish history of the region. Throughout this journey the trip participants share their feelings and their family stories on the issues of assimilation, living in fear of discrimination and […]

Dmitriy Khavin Dmitriy Khavin

Ancestor Blueprint

The Ancestor Blueprint photography project examines the relationship between ancestry, family history and identity. The project consists of a portrait series that juxtaposes contemporary images of modern-day Jewish subjects with Old World pictures of their grandparents, illuminating striking familial resemblances across generations and vivid contrasts shaped by historical, social and cultural discontinuities. The project is […]

Anna Rozhdestvenskaya Anna Rozhdestvenskaya

Arlekino Theatre

Arlekino Theater Troupe cultivates interest for cultural arts in Russian-speaking Jewish children, while instilling an appreciation for their Jewish heritage. This project has been flourishing as part of the Generation R programming at the JCC Manhattan since 2011, nurturing children’s self-expression, inquiry, and exploration, and promotes Russian language development. The program includes dramatic play, music, dance, […]

Jane Tuv Jane Tuv

Banany Chronicles

For his COJECO BluePrint Fellowship community project, Pavel Sklyar created a short documentary film “Banany Chronicles” exploring experiences of immigrants who arrived to America between the ages of 5 and 16. The film explored adaptation experiences of these young people who found themselves in new schools, learning new customs, and a new language. The film […]

pavel sklyar pavel sklyar

Blender Bodies

Our bodies are live blenders of heritage, history, family, rituals and beliefs. Blender Bodies is a multimedia art installation that offers a different view that reflects the multicultural nature of Jewish communities around the world and exposes the common ground we all share collectively as human beings. The project is driven by an exploration of […]

Ronit Levin Delgado Ronit Levin Delgado

Bobe Mayces

Проект “Бабушкины сказки”  באָבע-מעשׂיות “Бабушкины сказки” – это аудио-диск еврейских сказок и преданий для детей на русском языке. Это те сказки, которые нам и вам рассказывали бы наши бабушки, если бы они, во-первых, слышали их от своих родителей, а во-вторых, имели бы возможность, не боясь, рассказывать их своим внукам. В некоторых семьях так и случалось, […]

Masha Shkolnik Masha Shkolnik

Bukharian Jews of New York

‘Bukharian Jews of New York’ is a photographic exploration of Bukharian Jewish youth in their formative years, when their identities and worldviews take shape. More than two decades after a major wave of immigration from Central Asia, there is now a generation of young Bukharian Jews born in America. Photographer George Itzhak creates evocative portraits […]

George Itzhak George Itzhak

Central Park: An Original Musical Story

A musical, performed by talented children from the Russian Jewish community, with songs composed by BluePrint Fellow Dina Pruzhansky based on poems by masters like Samuil Marshak, Renata Mucha and others. Two performances of the Musical (one in Russian and one in English) took place on March 17, 2014 at JCC Manhattan.  Both of the shows […]

Dina Pruzhansky Dina Pruzhansky


ChaiLighter is a program that enables Jewish young adult/professionals traveling to Israel with an opportunity to create a customized extension.

Biana Lupa Biana Lupa

Chavruta Chatting Room

The Chatting room is an interactive installation that explores the metamorphosis of meaning of cultural texts through online communication between people and algorithms. Rapidly developing information technologies transform the shape and the content of cultural exchange. Artist Vita Eruhimovitz examines this transformation using artificial intelligence chatting algorithms embodied in interactive robotic sculptures. This work explores […]

Vita Eruhimovitz Vita Eruhimovitz

Cheburashka Wears a Kippah

As a Russian speaking, Jewish, queer couple who wants our future children to be fluent in Russian and know about their cultural roots, we notice that there’s a deficit of Russian-language books with characters who look and live like we do. We see English language children’s literature grow more diverse and inclusive, but find that […]

Tatyana Dvorkin Tatyana Dvorkin