Bobe Mayces

Проект “Бабушкины сказки”  באָבע-מעשׂיות “Бабушкины сказки” – это аудио-диск еврейских сказок и преданий для детей на русском языке. Это те сказки, которые нам и вам рассказывали бы наши бабушки, если бы они, во-первых, слышали их от своих родителей, а во-вторых, имели бы возможность, не боясь, рассказывать их своим внукам. В некоторых семьях так и случалось, […]

Masha Shkolnik Masha Shkolnik

Every Life is A Song

The goal of this community project is to interview a selection of Soviet Jewish immigrants on their unique experiences and create songs based on their stories of struggle, triumph and sacrifice. My aim is to give voice to and share stories that would otherwise be lost to future generations, while facilitating catharsis through the artistic […]

Tatyana Kalko Tatyana Kalko

Fabula/Syuzhet: A Memoir Through Music

Music album inspired by songwriting legends like Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Zemfira and Bulat Okudzhava, Fabula/Syuzhet explores the storied tradition of Soviet author song re-imagined for the 21st century. Samantha Shokin is a singer/songwriter and first-generation American whose original music reflects the dual nature of growing up straddled between cultures. Her songs blend English and […]

Samantha Shokin Samantha Shokin

Family Reunion

Create a multilingual, multi dimensional a Capella group that will focus on performing, preserving, and modernizing songs of the diaspora, focusing on the languages, lyrics, rhythm, sentiment, historical meanings. You can dip into all of languages Jews wrote songs in – Hebrew, Ladino, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Yiddish, English. Reinvent, reinvigorate, and re-interpret and re-inspire Jewish […]


Recording and a live performance of a fusion of live Klezmer and other Jewish music with contemporary Electronic Dance Music and other dance and electronic sounds.


Interactive multi-media concert for children, incorporating theatrical elements, based on updated versions of songs from classic Russian films and cartoons, as well as his original compositions.  

Andrew Tuzhilin Andrew Tuzhilin

Meaning in Melody

Meaning in Melody traced the preservation of Russian Jewish identity via music, whether secret or exposed, from the late 19th century through today. The project produced an album, Crypto Jewish Melodies: Semitic Sounds of Russian Extraction, consisting of 14 tracks. The tracks were split into 5 sets: “Father and Sons”, contrasting the liturgical music of […]

Lara Traum Lara Traum

Moscow to Manhattan

Young Russian Jews Take Over 92YTribeca! An evening of stories, humor, music, video, and a giant interactive hand. July 17, 2012 at 92Y Tribeca Dive headfirst into the raucous, unhinged, exuberant world that is your Russian-Jewish identity, or someone else’s. Chanteuse Mira Stroika and storyteller Ilya Khodosh take over 92YTribeca for one night only to […]

Mira Stroika Mira Stroika
Ilya Khodosh Ilya Khodosh

Musical Journey through the Jewish Diaspora

“Musical Journey through the Jewish Diaspora” is a CD recording of piano works by Jewish composers across 150 years and from around the world.  The event was a CD presentation and Lecture-recital. The event took place on June 11, at 7:30 PM at The National Opera America, Marc A. Scorca Hall, 330 Seventh Avenue, NYC. The album […]

Alla Milchtein Alla Milchtein

New York Jewish Music Festival

The New York Jewish Music Festival (NYJMF) is an amazing opportunity for musicians, ages 4 and above, to share their talent and explore the Jewish identity and heritage in the performing arts. The NYJMF consisted of 2 parts: Audition in order to select the participants for the main event and the main event, which took […]

Eugene Plotkin Eugene Plotkin

Songs of Our Journey

Songs of Our Journey is a live presentation of music that has survived in diaspora and carries with it the stories of struggles and triumphs. We are taken through different geographical regions and various times in history exploring different themes and sounds. The purpose of this project is to unite people in the Jewish diaspora […]

Yaffa Borukhova Yaffa Borukhova

Survival Codes

An originally composed and performed musical piece, based on stories collected through conversations, writing and interviews with Holocaust survivors and Russian Jewish dissidents. The meetings to find out how their methods of communication were altered and turned secrets, so that they would be able to keep practicing Judaism under the very strong suppression of the […]

Alon Nechushtan Alon Nechushtan

The Silenced Project

  The Silenced Project is a multimedia and piano recital including documentary footage about forgotten composers of the Holocaust and Soviet era. It brings to light and celebrates the music of Jewish composers who lived, worked (and in many cases, died), under two most oppressive regimes in the mid 20th century Europe. As the reign of […]

Sergei Deych Sergei Deych
Daniil Deych Daniil Deych

Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs

Inna Barmash’s BluePrint project (2012-2013) was recording an album of songs inYiddish, drawing from songs collected in pre-war shtetls beyond the pale in Ukraine as well as from contemporary Yiddish artsongs. She celebrated the release of the album with a concert at Joe’s Pub, and her disc has touched many families in the Russian Jewish […]

Inna Barmash Inna Barmash

Zing Along Shabes

The Zing-Along Shabes project, a BluePrint Alumni project (2013-2014), aims to foster family traditions around celebrating Shabbat.  The project consists of a website and printable booklet that include artwork by Irina Sheynfeld, a toolkit of materials for educators and parents, and musical recordings of songs, prayers and nigns for Shabbat (featuring the voices of Cantors […]

Dmitri Slepovitch Dmitri Slepovitch
Irina Sheynfeld Irina Sheynfeld
Inna Barmash Inna Barmash