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Songs of Our Journey

Music Performance 2018-2019

Songs of Our Journey is a live presentation of music that has survived in diaspora and carries
with it the stories of struggles and triumphs. We are taken through different geographical
regions and various times in history exploring different themes and sounds. The purpose of this project is to unite people in the Jewish diaspora and expose people to music from different parts of the world. Music from different regions with the shared themes of love that’s passed down through generations will be recorded and performed live.

We are excited to share with you a musical performance of the works of Jewish poets and composers whose music reflects the climate of their time while still holding on to the Jewish values and the Jewish identity. From different regions we will hear songs of gratitude for the land that was once called home, and the common tensions experienced in those lands. The images that will accompany the traditional songs will further tell the story of Jews of the Former Soviet Union and the surrounding regions in diaspora. With the collaboration of Jewish performing artists from various parts of the world who are now settled in the United States, it is an invitation to reconnect through music to our common experience of immigration and what it means to our Jewish identity in the new land.
Reception will follow after the performance.
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Yaffa Borukhova Songs of Our Journey