Family Reunion

Create a multilingual, multi dimensional a Capella group that will focus on performing, preserving, and modernizing songs of the diaspora, focusing on the languages, lyrics, rhythm, sentiment, historical meanings. You can dip into all of languages Jews wrote songs in – Hebrew, Ladino, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Yiddish, English. Reinvent, reinvigorate, and re-interpret and re-inspire Jewish […]

Inheritance, an Immersive Installation

“Inheritance” is an interactive exhibit and live performance presented by The Inheritance Project, a storytelling platform that asks, “How much of our identity do we inherit?” Artist Katya Stepanov explores the impact of her own inheritance in an immersive exhibition of photographs and interviews with her family and extended community. “Inheritance” immerses visitors in the […]


Recording and a live performance of a fusion of live Klezmer and other Jewish music with contemporary Electronic Dance Music and other dance and electronic sounds.

Le Grand Voyage

The project will focus on the creation of a theatrical piece about immigration with a Clown troupe. Clown form is a perfect way to express complex life experiences and will become an engaging performance to adults and children alike.

Letter to God – A Staged Reading

An English language adaptation of a theater play by a Jewish-Ukrainian playwright Anatoli Krim, that will begin with a staged reading with a goal of a full staged play.

Songs of Our Journey

Songs of Our Journey is a live presentation of music that has survived in diaspora and carries with it the stories of struggles and triumphs. We are taken through different geographical regions and various times in history exploring different themes and sounds. The purpose of this project is to unite people in the Jewish diaspora […]

Yaffa Borukhova Yaffa Borukhova

Бабушка – BAb(oo)shka

Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka is a performance and series of community workshops about translation between languages, generations, and borders. A performance that retells, reenacts, and represents the experience of being a Jew in the Soviet Union. It is a collage of three overlapping translations, with a live Klezmer Yiddish band and large two-dimensional puppets.