Family Reunion

Create a multilingual, multi dimensional a Capella group that will focus on performing, preserving, and modernizing songs of the diaspora, focusing on the languages, lyrics, rhythm, sentiment, historical meanings. You can dip into all of languages Jews wrote songs in – Hebrew, Ladino, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Yiddish, English. Reinvent, reinvigorate, and re-interpret and re-inspire Jewish […]


Recording and a live performance of a fusion of live Klezmer and other Jewish music with contemporary Electronic Dance Music and other dance and electronic sounds.

Kultur-lige Movement in Ukraine, 1918-1930s

An exploration of artistic output of the Kultur-lige movement in the context of Yiddish and Soviet culture in Ukraine in late 1910s – 1930s. Event took place November 3, 2014 at YIVO – Institute for Jewish Research

Oksana Rosenblum Oksana Rosenblum

The Yiddish Old and New

With his project, Mark aims to capture in a photographic essay the new Yiddish culture and revival in New York; to relate it to its roots in the older Yiddish speakers, and to document how this cultural gift is being passed on to the younger generations. Mark Gurevich is a New York-based photographer whose work has […]

Mark Gurevich Mark Gurevich


Yiddish-Tish will combine learning Yiddish songs, every-day conversation, Ashkenazi fables and dance with an informal light meal. Yiddish-Tish can become a long-term project that blends into rich tapestry of Jewish events in New York’s Russian-speaking Jewish community. The main goals are 1. Develop a program that would attract a modern Russian-speaking Jew to learning Yiddish. […]

Zhenya Lopatnik Zhenya Lopatnik