Central Park: An Original Musical Story

A musical, performed by talented children from the Russian Jewish community, with songs composed by BluePrint Fellow Dina Pruzhansky based on poems by masters like Samuil Marshak, Renata Mucha and others. Two performances of the Musical (one in Russian and one in English) took place on March 17, 2014 at JCC Manhattan.  Both of the shows […]

Dina Pruzhansky Dina Pruzhansky


ChaiLighter is a program that enables Jewish young adult/professionals traveling to Israel with an opportunity to create a customized extension.

Biana Lupa Biana Lupa

Ghost of The Ancient City

A painting exhibition of modern-day Jerusalem.

Tatyana Levina Tatyana Levina

Marlo: Jewish [En]Lightning

Marlo: Book One: Jewish [En]Lightning is the second book in Chicago-headquartered Urban Pop Art Projects’ publishing imprint Urban Pop Art Books. New York artist/ videographer/ author Aleks Degtyarev expertly navigates his id to deconstruct a complicated identity: that of the post-Soviet child immigrant all grown up. Navigating questions about identity often sidelined by urges to just […]

Aleks Degtyarev Aleks Degtyarev

Speak Memory

Speak Memory is an exhibition of four COJECO Blueprint Fellowship: Katya Meykson, Irina Sheynfeld, Tanya Levina and Yuliya Levit. This show explores Russian-Jewish immigrant identity, artists ties to the historic past, and the connection to our roots that we feel in everyday lives. February 28, 2013 at Columbia / Barnard Kraft Center Auditorium Show opening included […]

Tatyana Levina Tatyana Levina
Yuliya Levit Yuliya Levit
Nadya Meykson Nadya Meykson
Irina Sheynfeld Irina Sheynfeld

Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother

“Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother” was originally published by Tablet Magazine on June 6, 2012 (bit.ly/spoilspoem), and the panels illustrating the poem were exhibited at New York City’s National Arts Club through the Russian American Foundation’s Russian Heritage Month. The poem is accompanied by a spoken word track over a mix tape in […]

Margarita Korol Margarita Korol

Strange Pilgrims No More

“Strange Pilgrims No More” is a collective portraits of Jewish women who emigrated to the US from the former Soviet Union. Like all women, we struggle to overcome the unique challenges of our time; our struggle to balance work and home, children and career, love and marriage, past and present. We want it all, but […]

Irina Sheynfeld Irina Sheynfeld