FRUJELI (Families of Russian-Jewish Long Island) is non-denominational organization that is designed to unite Russian Jewish families. This project is about creating a community by offering family friendly events, and events for adults such as meeting prominent artists, writers, movie directors, musicians, Jewish educators. Learn more on the website and follow them on Facebook.

Diana Zeltser Diana Zeltser

Inheritance of a Story

“Inheritance of a Story” is a COJECO Blueprint Fellowship Alumni art exhibit of three New York artists: Anya Roz, Tanya Levina and Yuliya Levit, juxtaposed with poetic prose of Clarice Lispector, mystical Brazilian writer of Jewish-Ukrainian descent. This show is a multimedia exploration of the tales of strangers in the strange lands – recurrent narratives […]

Tatyana Levina Tatyana Levina
Anna Rozhdestvenskaya Anna Rozhdestvenskaya
Yuliya Levit Yuliya Levit

Kaddish for the Machine

Kaddish for the Machine is an interactive installation, dedicated to the memory of the victims of Nazism. The event took place on November 7, 2013 at Hadas Gallery 541 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn.  

Igor Molochevski Igor Molochevski


Cultural events and social outings for Russian-speaking Jews ages 50+. Event series, created as part of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, included: “Бранч под музыку”, a fabulous brunch at City Winery, with a performance by Lisa Gutkin, a Grammy-winning artist, offering a vibrant blend of Jewish melodies, jazz, blues, and much more! A great event for […]

Marina Mirchevskaya Marina Mirchevskaya

Me and Ethel Rosenberg

Staged reading of a one-woman show, created, written, and performed by Yelena Shmulenson. April 16, 2013 at Stage Left Studio, 214 West 30th Street

Yelena Shmulenson Yelena Shmulenson

My Russian Jewish Family Relic

“My Russian Jewish Family Relic” is a portrait series accompanied by audio interviews, photographed and recorded by Svetlana Didorenko. These images present the stories of family heirlooms of Jewish immigrants from the former USSR living in the US. From household objects to letters and documents, these objects, passed on from generation to generation, reflect personal […]

Svetlana Didorenko Svetlana Didorenko

Our Suitcase (Nash Chemodan)

Anna’s BluePrint project is a photo essay entitled Our Suitcase (Nash Chemodan). This body of work shows “portraits” of items that immigrants took with them when leaving the Soviet Union for a life in the United States. Because of censorship and the restriction on communication, many had no idea what to take and what to leave behind. […]

Anna Loshkin Anna Loshkin


RUSA LGBT: Russian-Speaking American LGBT Group RUSA LGBT is a network for Russian-speaking LGBTQ individuals, their friends, supporters and loved ones. As part of the Blueprint Fellowship project, RUSA LGBT created a series of meet-ups and events exploring what it’s like to be a Russian-speaking LGBTQ Jew in the US today. The event series culminated in a panel presentation […]

Yelena Goltsman Yelena Goltsman


In the late 1980s, the Soviet floodgates of emigration were thrown open by perestroika,. However, for thousands of Soviet Jewish émigrés, hopes of a quick arrival in America were shattered when the United States immigration service started denying these people refugee status while they were in transit in Italy. Stateless captures this untold story from […]

Michael Drob Michael Drob

Stealing Cherries

Rubin’s BluePrint project involves the publishing of her fourth book, a collection of flash fiction stories considering existentialism, Jewish identity, Russian upbringing, transcendentalism, cultural genetics, time travel, religion. Telling the stories in a style that is ”Babel meets Sholom Aleichem,” they describe the hilarious truth about being a newcomer to the American cultural house and […]

Marina Rubin Marina Rubin

The Cheburashka Project

The Cheburashka Project examines a generation of Russian Jewish immigrants who came to the U.S. as children in the late ’80s and early ’90s. This generation uniquely absorbed several worlds of influence during its formative years- the impact of a Soviet Russian background, the experience of immigration, an immersion into American culture, and a shift […]

Alice Kogan Alice Kogan

The Egypt In My Looking Glass: A Novella

Yuri Kruman’s BluePrint Fellowship is a book of short stories about Russian Jews who grew up as kids in New York and have become urbane American adults. Summary: Twenty-five years after their hellish emigration – thirty from their famous father’s exodus – a sister and her brothers hear his voice again. All three have long […]

Yuri Kruman Yuri Kruman

When I Grow Up (Little Odessa)

BluePrint Fellow and filmmaker, Kate Balandina, illuminates the lack of communication within Russian Jewish families who live in Odessa, Ukraine, as well as those who reside in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (A.K.A. “Little Odessa“). The film explores the lost connection between generations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kate Balandina Kate Balandina

Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs

Inna Barmash’s BluePrint project (2012-2013) was recording an album of songs inYiddish, drawing from songs collected in pre-war shtetls beyond the pale in Ukraine as well as from contemporary Yiddish artsongs. She celebrated the release of the album with a concert at Joe’s Pub, and her disc has touched many families in the Russian Jewish […]

Inna Barmash Inna Barmash