IDF Project

From his experience in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) comes Ross’s COJECO BluePrint Fellowship community project designed to raise funds to support the IDF. The Project raised around $40,000 to support the IDF. With the money collected through fundraising events, goods and equipment will be acquired and delivered to Israel to give a tactical advantage to an individual […]

Ross Denisov Ross Denisov

Jewish and Connected

  The Jewish and Connected networking group was formed to help local Jewish professionals grow their businesses through referral marketing. Only one person per occupation will be allowed in every group. Everyone in the group must initial interview with Jewish and Connected Team Members. There is no membership fee. J&C Mission: The mission of Jewish […]

Karina Akimenko Karina Akimenko
Dmitry Zhernovsky Dmitry Zhernovsky

Ping Thing

“Ping Thing” raised over $6,000 for “Save the Child’s Heart,” a nonprofit organization that helps cure kids’ hearts around the world!

Michael Girshin Michael Girshin

Ticun Brasil

Since 2008 Ticún Brasil/תיקון ברזיל creates mutual inspirations for Brazilian and international art communities via innovative cultural exchange programs. Our projects promote lesser known sides of Brazilian art, provide volunteering opportunities for travelers to Brazil and connect artists worldwide. Ticún Brasil activities range from teaching photography and English in slums (favelas) to art residencies, improvisational music cinematic concerts, shadows puppet theater, Jewish […]

Alex Minkin Alex Minkin