Ancestor Blueprint

The Ancestor Blueprint photography project examines the relationship between ancestry, family history and identity. The project consists of a portrait series that juxtaposes contemporary images of modern-day Jewish subjects with Old World pictures of their grandparents, illuminating striking familial resemblances across generations and vivid contrasts shaped by historical, social and cultural discontinuities. The project is […]

Anna Rozhdestvenskaya Anna Rozhdestvenskaya

Arlekino Theatre

Arlekino Theater Troupe cultivates interest for cultural arts in Russian-speaking Jewish children, while instilling an appreciation for their Jewish heritage. This project has been flourishing as part of the Generation R programming at the JCC Manhattan since 2011, nurturing children’s self-expression, inquiry, and exploration, and promotes Russian language development. The program includes dramatic play, music, dance, […]

Jane Tuv Jane Tuv

Cultural Tips for New Americans

For Cultural Tips For New Americans project, Alina Bliumis gathered advice to help recent arrivals assimilate and understand their new home. She took advice from published guides, public forums, streets questionnaires, social websites, and friends to create tips like: “Never refuse gum if an American offers it to use. Offering gum is a polite way to tell someone that they have bad breath.”

Alina Bliumis Alina Bliumis

Distanced from the Source

“Distanced From the Source” was a group show of 5 artists Irina Khokhlova, Anya Roz, Polina Barskaya,  Viktoriya Sorochinski, and Daniel Veksler. Their work explores the themes of otherness-as-identity through the mediums of photography, painting, video installation, and recorded oral history. “Distanced From the Source” opened on December 17, 2011 at the SET Gallery, in […]

Irina Khokhlova Irina Khokhlova

Foreign Bodies

Group Exhibition by Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Irina Danilova, Yevgeniya Baras, Vydavy Sindikat Curator: Yevgeniya Baras Each artist in this exhibition is evoking a body or a stand in for the body, and the bodies on view are ethnic, distorted, chaotic, ambiguously gendered. But each artist examines the body through his or her own lens. […]

Yevgeniya Baras Yevgeniya Baras

Gentleman from Cracow Ballet

The “Gentleman from Cracow” ballet is a collaboration between animator Yuliya Lanina and composer Yevgeniy Sharlat. It was inspired by Isaac Bachevis Singer’s story of the same name, which tells a tale of a poor Polish town turned upside down by the arrival of a rich doctor who turns out to be the Chief of Devils. In […]

Yuliya Lanina Yuliya Lanina

If You Were Jewish (Migrants Nation)

An exhibit of children’s artwork

Vitaly Umansky Vitaly Umansky

Moscow to Manhattan

Young Russian Jews Take Over 92YTribeca! An evening of stories, humor, music, video, and a giant interactive hand. July 17, 2012 at 92Y Tribeca Dive headfirst into the raucous, unhinged, exuberant world that is your Russian-Jewish identity, or someone else’s. Chanteuse Mira Stroika and storyteller Ilya Khodosh take over 92YTribeca for one night only to […]

Mira Stroika Mira Stroika
Ilya Khodosh Ilya Khodosh

Portrait of an Artist

An Evening Full of Art, Film + Music Screening of Alex Kaluzhsky’s award-winning short film ARKADYA, as well as the premiere of his latest film, THE VISITORS, an experimental short form documentary about the life of a young Russian American Jewish artist with a recognizable past. After the films, music from Lev ‘LJOVA’ Zhurbin and […]

Alex Kaluzhsky Alex Kaluzhsky
Polina Barskaya Polina Barskaya

Project OKNA

Project OKNA is a multimedia installation inspired by diverse individual views and personal stories on the subject of Jewish identity coming from people within the Russian-speaking community. Through an artistic interpretation, Project OKNA explores the unique juxtaposition of Soviet/Russian past with Jewish identity. We are looking through the ‘windows’ into memories, unforgettable moments, conflict, rejection, […]

Luba Proger Luba Proger
Leonid Khanin Leonid Khanin

The Art Story: Jewish Themes in Modern Art

Michael founded The Art Story Foundation in 2009.  A year later, he was the recipient of the COJECO BluePrint grant with which he launched a series of lectures related to Modern Art.   The audience consisted mainly of Russian Speaking Jews and lectures focused on the achievements of Jewish artists to 20th century art. After a […]

Michael Zurakhinsky Michael Zurakhinsky

The Red Tent

Masha Pekurovsky  project “The Red Tent” is a dance and video tribute to the feminine – An exploration of the Jewish female identity through the eyes of the artist. Building upon her passion for design, video art and tribal belly dance, Masha seeks to bring a multi-disciplinary performance experience to the audience.

Masha Pekurovsky Masha Pekurovsky