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The Art Story: Jewish Themes in Modern Art

Educational Workshop 2010-2011

Michael founded The Art Story Foundation in 2009.  A year later, he was the recipient of the COJECO BluePrint grant with which he launched a series of lectures related to Modern Art.   The audience consisted mainly of Russian Speaking Jews and lectures focused on the achievements of Jewish artists to 20th century art.

After a wonderful experience learning with COJECO and traveling to Israel together, Michael was introduced to greater Jewish community in New York City.  He took on multiple leadership roles in the UJA Federation of New York, became a fellow of the Wexner Heritage Program and various other roles focusing on the RSJ community in New York.  The Art Story Foundation has continued to grow after the fellowship too – they are now proud to be read by millions of people per year and still growing.

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Michael Zurakhinsky The Art Story: Jewish Themes in Modern Art