“The Secret Society” A Russian Language Picture Book

Yevgenia Nayberg is writing and illustrating a Russian language children’s book about the contemporary immigration experience through the eyes of a child. The book, titled “The Secret Society,” approaches the subject of being different metaphorically, through the story of a left-handed little girl and her “secret leftie society.” The story resonates not only with children, but […]

Yevgenia  Nayberg Yevgenia Nayberg

Arlekino Theatre

Arlekino Theater Troupe cultivates interest for cultural arts in Russian-speaking Jewish children, while instilling an appreciation for their Jewish heritage. This project has been flourishing as part of the Generation R programming at the JCC Manhattan since 2011, nurturing children’s self-expression, inquiry, and exploration, and promotes Russian language development. The program includes dramatic play, music, dance, […]

Jane Tuv Jane Tuv

Bobe Mayces

Проект “Бабушкины сказки”  באָבע-מעשׂיות “Бабушкины сказки” – это аудио-диск еврейских сказок и преданий для детей на русском языке. Это те сказки, которые нам и вам рассказывали бы наши бабушки, если бы они, во-первых, слышали их от своих родителей, а во-вторых, имели бы возможность, не боясь, рассказывать их своим внукам. В некоторых семьях так и случалось, […]

Masha Shkolnik Masha Shkolnik

Central Park: An Original Musical Story

A musical, performed by talented children from the Russian Jewish community, with songs composed by BluePrint Fellow Dina Pruzhansky based on poems by masters like Samuil Marshak, Renata Mucha and others. Two performances of the Musical (one in Russian and one in English) took place on March 17, 2014 at JCC Manhattan.  Both of the shows […]

Dina Pruzhansky Dina Pruzhansky


FRUJELI (Families of Russian-Jewish Long Island) is non-denominational organization that is designed to unite Russian Jewish families. This project is about creating a community by offering family friendly events, and events for adults such as meeting prominent artists, writers, movie directors, musicians, Jewish educators. Learn more on the website and follow them on Facebook.

Diana Zeltser Diana Zeltser

Handmade Charity NYC

Handmade Charity is a nonprofit project aimed at developing creativity and help social integration for kids with special needs by conducting cooking and creative master classes in local cafes and restaurants. The project has been successfully launched in Moscow two years ago with the active support of local Jewish community. Currently “Handmade Charity” hosts events […]

Ekaterina Schaltuper Ekaterina Schaltuper
Ekaterina Kovalenko Ekaterina Kovalenko

Jewish Children’s Museum Tour

For his community project, David Bas organized a workshop and tour for Russian-speaking Jewish families at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn. The workshop, attended by over 50 people, was followed by a discussion on the influence of Jewish roots and traditions on our parenting choices.

David Bas David Bas

Jewish Choices

A study and a follow-up parenting workshop on helping families develop a framework of incorporating Jewish culture and customs into their life and their parenting choices.

Le Grand Voyage

The project will focus on the creation of a theatrical piece about immigration with a Clown troupe. Clown form is a perfect way to express complex life experiences and will become an engaging performance to adults and children alike.


Interactive multi-media concert for children, incorporating theatrical elements, based on updated versions of songs from classic Russian films and cartoons, as well as his original compositions.  

Andrew Tuzhilin Andrew Tuzhilin

Magic Streetcar

A Children’s Immersive Theater Project Based on the poetry of R. Mykha and other Jewish authors in Russian An immersive theatrical project for kids (ages 2-5 yo) in Russian. On this interactive journey kids are able to use all their senses and get to know their favorite characters from famous children’s poems. The show premiered with four […]

Alya Adelman Alya Adelman

Mishpucha Camping

Mishpucha has grown from a tent-camping weekend for Russian-speaking Jewish families in New York, to a Jewish grassroots nonprofit organization serving thousands of adventurous Russian-speaking Jews throughout the Northeast. The first Mishpucha Camping, created as part of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, brought together RSJ families for a weekend of informal Jewish learning and outdoor adventure, and […]

Lisa Klig Lisa Klig

Solomon’s Chair

A big scale installation containing 42 separate pieces will invite audiences of all ages to actively participate throughout the course of three (3) days on display at the auditorium space at the JCC Manhattan. The audience was able to rearrange the pieces and construct their own Solomon’s Chair, an amassing artifact that originally emerged as a result of […]

Zhenya Plechkina Zhenya Plechkina

The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater

The unique staging of The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater gives a new life to the Jewish tradition of the Purim Spiel. The joyous holiday of Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jews in ancient Persia thanks to the cleverness of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai who prevail over the King’s evil adviser Haman. This […]

Luba Proger Luba Proger
Leonid Khanin Leonid Khanin

Zing Along Shabes

The Zing-Along Shabes project, a BluePrint Alumni project (2013-2014), aims to foster family traditions around celebrating Shabbat.  The project consists of a website and printable booklet that include artwork by Irina Sheynfeld, a toolkit of materials for educators and parents, and musical recordings of songs, prayers and nigns for Shabbat (featuring the voices of Cantors […]

Dmitri Slepovitch Dmitri Slepovitch
Irina Sheynfeld Irina Sheynfeld
Inna Barmash Inna Barmash