Handmade Charity is a nonprofit project aimed at developing creativity and help social integration for kids with special needs by conducting cooking and creative master classes in local cafes and restaurants.

The project has been successfully launched in Moscow two years ago with the active support of local Jewish community. Currently “Handmade Charity” hosts events every Sunday and have already involved more than 400 children. Main goals: 1. Prove that giving can be easy. 2. Create a community of people who want to help disabled children and their families. We want to show that interacting with disabled children is first of all a great joy, despite of all the existing prejudices! 3. Make families’ lives brighter by organizing weekly events for them. 4. Another goal of our project is to show that helping is available to everyone without significant financial investments. And also it’s a great fun!
Learn more at www.handmadecharity.org


Ekaterina Schaltuper Handmade Charity NYC

Ekaterina Kovalenko