100 Views of New Jerusalem

The mission of “100 Views of New Jerusalem” is to create a wider awareness of modern Jerusalem’s image. Michael’s drawings of Jerusalem’s aesthetic, lifestyle, and culture were all done on site, creating hundreds of initial sketches of the modern cityscape while exploring the terrain on foot. Meditating on the nature and spirit of this Biblical location, Michael refined and developed these initial sketches into a pictorial narrative that constitutes a published book and accompanying exhibition.

Michael Korosty Michael Korosty

Blender Bodies

Our bodies are live blenders of heritage, history, family, rituals and beliefs. Blender Bodies is a multimedia art installation that offers a different view that reflects the multicultural nature of Jewish communities around the world and exposes the common ground we all share collectively as human beings. The project is driven by an exploration of […]

Ronit Levin Delgado Ronit Levin Delgado

Chavruta Chatting Room

The Chatting room is an interactive installation that explores the metamorphosis of meaning of cultural texts through online communication between people and algorithms. Rapidly developing information technologies transform the shape and the content of cultural exchange. Artist Vita Eruhimovitz examines this transformation using artificial intelligence chatting algorithms embodied in interactive robotic sculptures. This work explores […]

Vita Eruhimovitz Vita Eruhimovitz

Cultural Tips for New Americans

For Cultural Tips For New Americans project, Alina Bliumis gathered advice to help recent arrivals assimilate and understand their new home. She took advice from published guides, public forums, streets questionnaires, social websites, and friends to create tips like: “Never refuse gum if an American offers it to use. Offering gum is a polite way to tell someone that they have bad breath.”

Alina Bliumis Alina Bliumis

Distanced from the Source

“Distanced From the Source” was a group show of 5 artists Irina Khokhlova, Anya Roz, Polina Barskaya,  Viktoriya Sorochinski, and Daniel Veksler. Their work explores the themes of otherness-as-identity through the mediums of photography, painting, video installation, and recorded oral history. “Distanced From the Source” opened on December 17, 2011 at the SET Gallery, in […]

Irina Khokhlova Irina Khokhlova

Foreign Bodies

Group Exhibition by Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Irina Danilova, Yevgeniya Baras, Vydavy Sindikat Curator: Yevgeniya Baras Each artist in this exhibition is evoking a body or a stand in for the body, and the bodies on view are ethnic, distorted, chaotic, ambiguously gendered. But each artist examines the body through his or her own lens. […]

Yevgeniya Baras Yevgeniya Baras

Gentleman from Cracow Ballet

The “Gentleman from Cracow” ballet is a collaboration between animator Yuliya Lanina and composer Yevgeniy Sharlat. It was inspired by Isaac Bachevis Singer’s story of the same name, which tells a tale of a poor Polish town turned upside down by the arrival of a rich doctor who turns out to be the Chief of Devils. In […]

Yuliya Lanina Yuliya Lanina

Ghost of The Ancient City

A painting exhibition of modern-day Jerusalem.

Tatyana Levina Tatyana Levina

Helga and the Life-sized Carl Sagan

Helga and Carl is a 150 sq. ft. wooden sculpture in the form of an upright larger-than-life entirely interactive wooden book.  As the viewer opens, builds, writes, and engages with 30 interactive pieces (handmade books, photography collections, home furnishings, tools and customized clothing), he advances the plot as audience, narrator, and protagonist. Helga and Carl explores the relationship between […]

Alex Pergament Alex Pergament

If You Were Jewish (Migrants Nation)

An exhibit of children’s artwork

Vitaly Umansky Vitaly Umansky

Inheritance of a Story

“Inheritance of a Story” is a COJECO Blueprint Fellowship Alumni art exhibit of three New York artists: Anya Roz, Tanya Levina and Yuliya Levit, juxtaposed with poetic prose of Clarice Lispector, mystical Brazilian writer of Jewish-Ukrainian descent. This show is a multimedia exploration of the tales of strangers in the strange lands – recurrent narratives […]

Tatyana Levina Tatyana Levina
Anna Rozhdestvenskaya Anna Rozhdestvenskaya
Yuliya Levit Yuliya Levit

Inseparable Borders

Art exhibit INSEPARABLE BORDERS: The Problem of Crossing the Line is Now You Find Yourself on the Other Side reception took place November 18, 2014. Event Facebook page. Paintings by Valentina Loseva Sculpture by Elisa Lendvay Curated by Nechama Winston THE 125 125 E 47th Street, New York, NY 10017

Valentina Loseva Valentina Loseva

Kaddish for the Machine

Kaddish for the Machine is an interactive installation, dedicated to the memory of the victims of Nazism. The event took place on November 7, 2013 at Hadas Gallery 541 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn.  

Igor Molochevski Igor Molochevski

Knots for Jews – Macramé Workshops

Jews are all about knots. Whether tying a knot under a chuppah or on the tzitzit, Judaism is full of knot references, spiritually and physically. Macramé workshops will provide a nurturing and expressive environment for artists and non-artists alike, build connections to form long lasting relationships and provide a chance to tie spiritual Jewish symbolism […]

Anya Marfin Anya Marfin

Man is Not a Rock

Man is Not a Rock is a reenactment of the first interview given in the West by Joseph Brodsky, Jewish poet and Soviet dissident, after he was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1972 for “social parasitism.” The first English translation of the interview was recently published in The Baffler magazine, which gave me permission […]

Anna Khalamayzer Anna Khalamayzer