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Man is Not a Rock

Art Theater 2014-2015

Man is Not a Rock is a reenactment of the first interview given in the West by Joseph Brodsky, Jewish poet and Soviet dissident, after he was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1972 for “social parasitism.” The first English translation of the interview was recently published in The Baffler magazine, which gave me permission to use the material. The interview spans themes from dissidence, to the role of an individual’s feelings towards his political situation, to the importance of art to human spiritual survival.

The one-act play explores the most elusive, tantalizing question for artists and seekers: What should we remain alive for?

The play took place on May 31, 2015 at 5:00 PM at The Lofts at 177 Prince Street NYC

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Anna Khalamayzer Man is Not a Rock