Across the Narrow Bridge

Across the Narrow Bridge is a documentary film about a group of first generation Americans of Soviet Jewish background who travel to Ukraine to explore the Jewish history of the region. Throughout this journey the trip participants share their feelings and their family stories on the issues of assimilation, living in fear of discrimination and […]

Dmitriy Khavin Dmitriy Khavin

Bobe Mayces

Проект “Бабушкины сказки”  באָבע-מעשׂיות “Бабушкины сказки” – это аудио-диск еврейских сказок и преданий для детей на русском языке. Это те сказки, которые нам и вам рассказывали бы наши бабушки, если бы они, во-первых, слышали их от своих родителей, а во-вторых, имели бы возможность, не боясь, рассказывать их своим внукам. В некоторых семьях так и случалось, […]

Masha Shkolnik Masha Shkolnik

Crossing Boundaries

“Crossing Boundaries” was an Improv Show at The Playback Theatre – a project dedicated to stories of immigration. The performance addressed issues and problems related to immigration and how people’s traditions, beliefs, and views are affected through acculturation into this country. Playback Theatre used a talented cast of actors and musicians (including our own Alex […]

Alexander Alabin Alexander Alabin

Jewish Children’s Museum Tour

For his community project, David Bas organized a workshop and tour for Russian-speaking Jewish families at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn. The workshop, attended by over 50 people, was followed by a discussion on the influence of Jewish roots and traditions on our parenting choices.

David Bas David Bas
Alya Adelman Alya Adelman


“Our Journey Home” Exhibit The show is about, the different paths taken by Jewish Immigrants leaving the former Soviet Union and the places they’ve journeyed in their hopes to find their way home. This project was created in conjunction with Yelizaveta Rudnitsky. Show took place at NYU Bronfman Center Gallery – 7 East 10th Street, New […]

Mishpucha Camping

Mishpucha has grown from a tent-camping weekend for Russian-speaking Jewish families in New York, to a Jewish grassroots nonprofit organization serving thousands of adventurous Russian-speaking Jews throughout the Northeast. The first Mishpucha Camping, created as part of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, brought together RSJ families for a weekend of informal Jewish learning and outdoor adventure, and […]

Lisa Klig Lisa Klig

Our Journey Home

“Our Journey Home” was a photography exhibit that tracked various immigration patterns of Jews who left the former Soviet Union. The exhibit was a community event designed to raise awareness for the viewer with little or no knowledge about Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union.  The photographs were taken in collaboration with Felix Lipov […]

Yelizaveta Rudnitsky Yelizaveta Rudnitsky

Ping Thing

“Ping Thing” raised over $6,000 for “Save the Child’s Heart,” a nonprofit organization that helps cure kids’ hearts around the world!

Michael Girshin Michael Girshin

Queen Esther

Queen Esther: Children’s Purim Shpiel Opera Russian-born Soprano Nika Leoni founded of the performance company Classical Presentations, which created a number of versatile productions, including Albert Markov’s new opera for children Queen Esther, in which she also sang the title role. Queen Esther had its world premiere in New York in 2010 with encore performances in […]

Nika Leoni Nika Leoni

Reflecting on History or What Became of My Red Star

REFLECTING ON HISTORY OR WHAT BECAME OF MY RED STAR Thur, July 8, 2010 Fifteen NYC-based, Russian-born artists provide reflections on their Russian-Jewish-American identity via paintings, photographs, and mixed-media works at Chelsea’s ICO Gallery. Curated and produced by Olga Monastyrskaya. THE ARTISTS: According to The Los Angeles Times, Yevgenia Nayberg’s art shows a “folkloric approach […]

Olga Monastyrskaya Olga Monastyrskaya

Roots: The Classics

Cultural event series about Jewish representation in classical arts

Anya Fidelia Anya Fidelia
Elena Zaveleva Elena Zaveleva

Solomon’s Chair

A big scale installation containing 42 separate pieces will invite audiences of all ages to actively participate throughout the course of three (3) days on display at the auditorium space at the JCC Manhattan. The audience was able to rearrange the pieces and construct their own Solomon’s Chair, an amassing artifact that originally emerged as a result of […]

Zhenya Plechkina Zhenya Plechkina
Alexander Zhuravsky Alexander Zhuravsky