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Across the Narrow Bridge

Film & Video 2009-2010

Across the Narrow Bridge is a documentary film about a group of first generation Americans of Soviet Jewish background who travel to Ukraine to explore the Jewish history of the region. Throughout this journey the trip participants share their feelings and their family stories on the issues of assimilation, living in fear of discrimination and Jewish identity.

Official Selection: 2010 Lenore Marwil Detroit Jewish Film Festival, 2010 Russian Documentary New York Film Festival.

44 minutes, 2009. English, Russian, Ukrainian with English subtitles.
Broadcasted on the Jewish Life Television Network, 2011.

Produced and directed by Dmitriy Khavin.


Other works by Dmitriy Khavin

Other works by Dmitriy Khavin can be found on his website:

Artists of Odessa, documentary. 2011, 45 minutes. Russian with English subtitles.
Artists of Odessa is a raw, humorous and nostalgic look at life and contemporary art in post-Soviet Odessa.

The Territory, documentary. 2013, 42 minutes. Russian, Hebrew, Arabic with English subtitles.
The Territory is an intimate look into the lives of Israelis from the former Soviet Union who made their new home in the West Bank settlements.

Official Selection 2013 Jewish Motifs Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2013 Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, Croatia, 2013 Bucharest Jewish Film Festival, Romania, 2013 Sputnik Film Festival, Poland, etc.

Sukkot in Warsaw, documentary. 2013, 22 minutes. English, Polish, Russian with English subtitles.
This film sketches a portrait of Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors’ children and grandchildren who are active by the hundreds in Jewish communities and organizations in Warsaw today.

Official Selection 2013 Berlin Jewish Film Festival, 2013 Toronto Jewish Film Festival, 2013 Mississippi Jewish Film Festival.

Quiet in Odessa, documentary. 2014, 22 minutes. Russian, Ukrainian, Yiddish with English subtitles.
In the aftermath of the Ukrainian Euromaydan revolution and violent clashes between pro-Russian and pro-Ukrainian supporters Jewish residents of Odessa tell stories of their newly found patriotism and share their thoughts on how recent events affect the community and the city. Through a series of interviews with members of the Jewish community the film delves into the history of Jews in Odessa, assimilation, immigration and the issues of identity.


Dmitriy Khavin Across the Narrow Bridge