“The Secret Society” A Russian Language Picture Book

Yevgenia Nayberg is writing and illustrating a Russian language children’s book about the contemporary immigration experience through the eyes of a child. The book, titled “The Secret Society,” approaches the subject of being different metaphorically, through the story of a left-handed little girl and her “secret leftie society.” The story resonates not only with children, but […]

Yevgenia  Nayberg Yevgenia Nayberg

Blender Bodies

Our bodies are live blenders of heritage, history, family, rituals and beliefs. Blender Bodies is a multimedia art installation that offers a different view that reflects the multicultural nature of Jewish communities around the world and exposes the common ground we all share collectively as human beings. The project is driven by an exploration of […]

Ronit Levin Delgado Ronit Levin Delgado

Chavruta Chatting Room

The Chatting room is an interactive installation that explores the metamorphosis of meaning of cultural texts through online communication between people and algorithms. Rapidly developing information technologies transform the shape and the content of cultural exchange. Artist Vita Eruhimovitz examines this transformation using artificial intelligence chatting algorithms embodied in interactive robotic sculptures. This work explores […]

Vita Eruhimovitz Vita Eruhimovitz

Handmade Charity NYC

Handmade Charity is a nonprofit project aimed at developing creativity and help social integration for kids with special needs by conducting cooking and creative master classes in local cafes and restaurants. The project has been successfully launched in Moscow two years ago with the active support of local Jewish community. Currently “Handmade Charity” hosts events […]

Ekaterina Schaltuper Ekaterina Schaltuper
Ekaterina Kovalenko Ekaterina Kovalenko
Maria Blekher Maria Blekher


Rebecca Karpovsky is an actor, writer and producer originally from Boston and currently based in NYC. For her Blueprint Fellowship project, she aims to finish and release the full feature film “Pinsky” – a dark Russian-Jewish-American comedy featuring a Bechdel Test–acing number of women in front of and behind the camera. The goal of the […]

Rebecca Karpovsky Rebecca Karpovsky

The Yiddish Old and New

With his project, Mark aims to capture in a photographic essay the new Yiddish culture and revival in New York; to relate it to its roots in the older Yiddish speakers, and to document how this cultural gift is being passed on to the younger generations. Mark Gurevich is a New York-based photographer whose work has […]

Mark Gurevich Mark Gurevich


Yiddish-Tish will combine learning Yiddish songs, every-day conversation, Ashkenazi fables and dance with an informal light meal. Yiddish-Tish can become a long-term project that blends into rich tapestry of Jewish events in New York’s Russian-speaking Jewish community. The main goals are 1. Develop a program that would attract a modern Russian-speaking Jew to learning Yiddish. […]

Zhenya Lopatnik Zhenya Lopatnik

Young Jewish Creatives

Mark Gold aims to give a well-supported creative outlet to Young Jewish Creatives; to develop much-needed pro-Israel / pro-Jewish content and cultural collaborations for major media and social distribution.  This will be a creative hub that directly works with and supports the Israeli Government’s pro-Israel PR initiatives. A platform where any pro-Israel/pro-Jewish creative content can be […]

Mark Gold Mark Gold