60 Reflections

The photography installation 60 Reflections celebrated the 60th year of Israel’s independence through photographs of people’s “reflections” of Israel. L2COLab curated and participated in the exhibition in collaboration with a group of Jewish-Russian New Yorkers. In 60 Reflections , twenty-seven individuals contributed sixty images that together present a photographic panorama of how each sees and […]

Luba Proger Luba Proger
Leonid Khanin Leonid Khanin


КиноФестиваль Еврейской Русскоязычной Молодежи Америки On Sunday, October 12, 2008, the JCC in Manhattan hosted KinoFERMA, the first-of-its kind film festival showcasing the works of young Russian-speaking Jewish directors and animators. The Festival presented short films and animations, several of which had already been recognized at prestigious international film festivals and others that premiered for the first time. […]

Yevgeniy Klig Yevgeniy Klig

The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater

The unique staging of The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater gives a new life to the Jewish tradition of the Purim Spiel. The joyous holiday of Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jews in ancient Persia thanks to the cleverness of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai who prevail over the King’s evil adviser Haman. This […]

Luba Proger Luba Proger
Leonid Khanin Leonid Khanin

We|Come To America

A 7-hour scavenger hunt of the Lower East Side and Downtown NYC. The goal of this project was to engage Russian Jewish New Yorkers ages 22-35 in a program that creates closeness to their Jewish identity and roots as well as to educate about the immigrant experience in NY. A total of 21 teams – over 150 […]

Veronica Price Veronica Price