The COJECO BluePrint Fellowship

Educational Workshop

Grandma’s recipes with a healthy twist

Series of health and nutrition workshops that will educate community members and their children about healthful nutrition that is fun and delicious and can be implemented in all life stages. The workshops will explore traditional Jewish cuisine (grandma’s recipes) and will turn them into healthier, more nutritionally conscious meals, while learning about history and tradition […]

Intellectual Jewish Salon Series

We’re building a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers – and a Jewish community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other at events in New York. Intellectual Jewish Salon Series will host speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity to help build a strong community for young […]

Anna Vinogradskaya Anna Vinogradskaya

Jewish Children’s Museum Tour

For his community project, David Bas organized a workshop and tour for Russian-speaking Jewish families at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn. The workshop, attended by over 50 people, was followed by a discussion on the influence of Jewish roots and traditions on our parenting choices.

David Bas David Bas

Jewish Choices

A study and a follow-up parenting workshop on helping families develop a framework of incorporating Jewish culture and customs into their life and their parenting choices.

Jewish Meditation for Russian-speaking Jews

The idea was to expose Russian Speaking Jews to Jewish Meditative practices minus the religion as well as create community after the event through sushi and refreshments. This way the group exists to learn meditative / contemplative practices while supporting each other in their personal and social development. Two events took place: June 1, 2015 […]

Steven Perchikov Steven Perchikov

Kultur-lige Movement in Ukraine, 1918-1930s

An exploration of artistic output of the Kultur-lige movement in the context of Yiddish and Soviet culture in Ukraine in late 1910s – 1930s. Event took place November 3, 2014 at YIVO – Institute for Jewish Research

Oksana Rosenblum Oksana Rosenblum

Roots: The Classics

Cultural event series about Jewish representation in classical arts

Anya Fidelia Anya Fidelia

Rus Jews Views

Rus Jews Views aims to destigmatize psychotherapy in the Russian-speaking Jewish community and states the case for psychotherapy as an acceptable and often necessary component of general health and well-being. A manuscript of Victoria’s research is currently being finalized and submitted for publication in a top-tier psychology journal. At least two more publications are pending.

Victoria Drob Victoria Drob

Russian Jewish Singles Mingle

Create a community for Russian-Speaking Jewish Singles where they can meet, mingle, learn, and stay within the community to create Jewish families. The project will develop culture & learning series with diverse Jewish content in an informal atmosphere of a singles meet up.

Inna Shaulskaya Inna Shaulskaya

South Brooklyn Art and Science Culture Club

The South Brooklyn Art and Science Culture Club is a community initiative for Russian-speaking American Jews of South Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay, Brighton and Manhattan Beach areas). The Culture Club provides a platform for South Brooklyn residents to meet and explore their Jewish identity in the context of both formal presentations and workshops as well as informal […]

Anna Rozenboym Anna Rozenboym


Architecture workshops for Russian-speaking families with kids 6-12 years old. The project participants will discover works by architects of Jewish descent (ex: Moisei Ginzburg, Alexander Brodsky, Moshe Safdie and Louis Kahn among others) and will develop the foundation of architectural design and freedom of creativity. Through the workshops families will find parallels between Jewish values and specific […]

Masha Dinor Masha Dinor
Alexander Zhuravsky Alexander Zhuravsky

The Art Story: Jewish Themes in Modern Art

Michael founded The Art Story Foundation in 2009.  A year later, he was the recipient of the COJECO BluePrint grant with which he launched a series of lectures related to Modern Art.   The audience consisted mainly of Russian Speaking Jews and lectures focused on the achievements of Jewish artists to 20th century art. After a […]

Michael Zurakhinsky Michael Zurakhinsky

The Red Tent

Masha Pekurovsky  project “The Red Tent” is a dance and video tribute to the feminine – An exploration of the Jewish female identity through the eyes of the artist. Building upon her passion for design, video art and tribal belly dance, Masha seeks to bring a multi-disciplinary performance experience to the audience.

Masha Pekurovsky Masha Pekurovsky

We|Come To America

A 7-hour scavenger hunt of the Lower East Side and Downtown NYC. The goal of this project was to engage Russian Jewish New Yorkers ages 22-35 in a program that creates closeness to their Jewish identity and roots as well as to educate about the immigrant experience in NY. A total of 21 teams – over 150 […]

Veronica Price Veronica Price