Masha Pekurovsky  project “The Red Tent” is a dance and video tribute to the feminine – An exploration of the Jewish female identity through the eyes of the artist. Building upon her passion for design, video art and tribal belly dance, Masha seeks to bring a multi-disciplinary performance experience to the audience.

Женский Круг "Красный Шатер"

Masha also hosted a series of monthly women’s circles to discuss various topics that relate to the role of women in Judaism.

Guest healer Anna-Marta Aristova gave a class on “Life, Spirit, Body- a Healing Dance”

Dina Ostrovsky led an interactive workshop “Earth-Based Psychology” – sharing methods of process-work psychology for self discovery, healing and balance

Tea Master Katya introduced participants to the amazing world of healing herbs, breathing meditation, music, tea and story-telling. A feminine balancing retreat, where modern medicine and traditions merge in elegance and balance




Masha Pekurovsky The Red Tent