The COJECO BluePrint Fellowship

Community Building

Inheritance, an Immersive Installation

“Inheritance” is an interactive exhibit and live performance presented by The Inheritance Project, a storytelling platform that asks, “How much of our identity do we inherit?” Artist Katya Stepanov explores the impact of her own inheritance in an immersive exhibition of photographs and interviews with her family and extended community. “Inheritance” immerses visitors in the […]

JEvents NY & NJ

JEvents will collect Jewish events, programs and places in a single user-friendly mobile app with the goal of connecting Jewish communities to each other. JEvents NY & NJ will build on the successful model that has been working in Russia since 2014.

Elizaveta Pantiukhova Elizaveta Pantiukhova

Jewish and Connected

  The Jewish and Connected networking group was formed to help local Jewish professionals grow their businesses through referral marketing. Only one person per occupation will be allowed in every group. Everyone in the group must initial interview with Jewish and Connected Team Members. There is no membership fee. J&C Mission: The mission of Jewish […]

Karina Akimenko Karina Akimenko
Dmitry Zhernovsky Dmitry Zhernovsky

Jewish Choices

A study and a follow-up parenting workshop on helping families develop a framework of incorporating Jewish culture and customs into their life and their parenting choices.

Alya Adelman Alya Adelman


Cultural events and social outings for Russian-speaking Jews ages 50+. Event series, created as part of the COJECO Blueprint Fellowship, included: “Бранч под музыку”, a fabulous brunch at City Winery, with a performance by Lisa Gutkin, a Grammy-winning artist, offering a vibrant blend of Jewish melodies, jazz, blues, and much more! A great event for […]

Marina Mirchevskaya Marina Mirchevskaya

Resilience Garden

Laura Vladimirova set out to create a community garden in Bath Beach, a Russian-Jewish neighborhood in Southern Brooklyn, with several key goals: a) To create a space that can be used by local seniors, kids and others b) To promote sustainability to the local community; c) To create a space of environmental awareness post Hurricane Sandy by […]

Laura Vladimirova Laura Vladimirova

Ruben Shimonov – Out of the Fringes and Into the Tapestry: An RSJ-Mizrahi-Sephardic-LGBTQ Community Initiative

The goal of this community project is to create a series of enriching and dynamic programs that will engage and empower an often marginalized, yet crucial, segment of the RSJ community: Sephardic and Mizrahi Russian-speaking Jews, particularly those who are LGBTQ.  The objective is to both build a supportive and vibrant community of Sephardic, Mizrahi […]

South Brooklyn Art and Science Culture Club

The South Brooklyn Art and Science Culture Club is a community initiative for Russian-speaking American Jews of South Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay, Brighton and Manhattan Beach areas). The Culture Club provides a platform for South Brooklyn residents to meet and explore their Jewish identity in the context of both formal presentations and workshops as well as informal […]

Anna Rozenboym Anna Rozenboym

The Red Tent

Masha Pekurovsky  project “The Red Tent” is a dance and video tribute to the feminine – An exploration of the Jewish female identity through the eyes of the artist. Building upon her passion for design, video art and tribal belly dance, Masha seeks to bring a multi-disciplinary performance experience to the audience.

Masha Pekurovsky Masha Pekurovsky

Ticket to Jerusalem

The International Mail Art Project “Ticket To Jerusalem” invited people from all over the world to create and mail in their “ideal” handmade art-tickets. All entries are exhibited online at The art exhibit “Ticket to Jerusalem” by Radik Shvarts was held at the JCC of Manhattan in April 2010. The opening event had approximately 100 participants, […]

Ticun Brasil

Since 2008 Ticún Brasil/תיקון ברזיל creates mutual inspirations for Brazilian and international art communities via innovative cultural exchange programs. Our projects promote lesser known sides of Brazilian art, provide volunteering opportunities for travelers to Brazil and connect artists worldwide. Ticún Brasil activities range from teaching photography and English in slums (favelas) to art residencies, improvisational music cinematic concerts, shadows puppet theater, Jewish […]

Alex Minkin Alex Minkin

We|Come To America

A 7-hour scavenger hunt of the Lower East Side and Downtown NYC. The goal of this project was to engage Russian Jewish New Yorkers ages 22-35 in a program that creates closeness to their Jewish identity and roots as well as to educate about the immigrant experience in NY. A total of 21 teams – over 150 […]

Veronica Price Veronica Price


Yiddish-Tish will combine learning Yiddish songs, every-day conversation, Ashkenazi fables and dance with an informal light meal. Yiddish-Tish can become a long-term project that blends into rich tapestry of Jewish events in New York’s Russian-speaking Jewish community. The main goals are 1. Develop a program that would attract a modern Russian-speaking Jew to learning Yiddish. […]

Zhenya Lopatnik Zhenya Lopatnik

Школа Пэна (Art School of Yehuda Pen)

A series of art workshops for children, exploring the wisdom of Jewish texts and art. Collective artwork created will have a purpose of moving towards peace, conflict resolution, empathy and reconciliation.

Ilona Bouzoukachvili Ilona Bouzoukachvili