A big scale installation containing 42 separate pieces will invite audiences of all ages to actively participate throughout the course of three (3) days on display at the auditorium space at the JCC Manhattan. The audience was able to rearrange the pieces and construct their own Solomon’s Chair, an amassing artifact that originally emerged as a result of genius engineering and magic. As artists we are inspired by the idea of opening space for people to actively engage with the art and offer everyone a chance to participate in the making off the project. Similarly to how the original Solomon’s Chair changed based on who had approached it, this installation changed as more and more people pass through it.

The installation was accompanied by artist talk from Misha Sklar and Zhenya Plechkina. Families and children of all ages were invited to participate in a special art making workshop inspired by the making of Installation, with Zshuk artist and teacher Zhenya Plechkina.

The installation was open November 20-22, 2010


Solomon's Chair


Zhenya Plechkina Solomon's Chair