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The Egypt In My Looking Glass: A Novella

Literature & Book Publishing 2012-2013

Yuri Kruman’s BluePrint Fellowship is a book of short stories about Russian Jews who grew up as kids in New York and have become urbane American adults.

Summary: Twenty-five years after their hellish emigration – thirty from their famous father’s exodus – a sister and her brothers hear his voice again. All three have long since “made it” in the States, despite – maybe, because of – his abandonment. Forced by his own divorce to question everything, Vlad reels and frolics to forget himself – and learn to live again. Skirt-chasing author Mark, seething with writer’s block, commits himself to marry by a verbal slip. Alla’s precocious children prod her to examine who she is and why. A sleazy cousin – Tolik, hopeless Brighton product – is about to score his one big hit, again. His brother, Boris, now religious, struggles to transcend his past. A family get-together threatens to ignite their old resentments. Edouard Yablonskiy, freshly minted dissident, has one last chance to make amends. His three grown children now must choose – to exit their own Egypt and forgive or let the past demand their satisfaction.

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Hellish emigration

Yuri’s interviews spanned the experiences of Russian Jews  living in New York in their countries of origin, the intellectual and social teachings of parents and grandparents, college life, personal relationships, the experiences of living and surviving in a big city as college-educated adults, and relationships with various forms of Judaism as compared to those of their parents.

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Yuri Kruman The Egypt In My Looking Glass: A Novella