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Our Suitcase (Nash Chemodan)

Photography 2012-2013

Anna’s BluePrint project is a photo essay entitled Our Suitcase (Nash Chemodan). This body of work shows “portraits” of items that immigrants took with them when leaving the Soviet Union for a life in the United States. Because of censorship and the restriction on communication, many had no idea what to take and what to leave behind. As a result, families arrived carrying objects that they would never use again. These seemingly useless things traveled halfway around the world because of their presumed necessity. The photographs reveal the mindset of immigrants facing the unknown and unpredictable on the other side of the Iron Curtain. With little money and no guarantee of a job, refugees prepared for a period of frugality and self-sufficiency. The things they brought with them were supposed to provide comfort or utility. The fact that many still hang on to these obsolete articles points to a certain nostalgia, if not for their friends and family from Soviet times, then for a country that no longer exists.

A “portraits” of items

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Anna Loshkin Our Suitcase (Nash Chemodan)