Marlo: Book One: Jewish [En]Lightning
 is the second book in Chicago-headquartered Urban Pop Art Projects’ publishing imprint Urban Pop Art Books. New York artist/ videographer/ author Aleks Degtyarev expertly navigates his id to deconstruct a complicated identity: that of the post-Soviet child immigrant all grown up. Navigating questions about identity often sidelined by urges to just be an American already, Degtyarev runs full speed under the crust of his soul to figure out just who he thinks he is, considering while contradicting the tribal loyalty of his family and the leanings of his heart. The full-length play, illustrated by Urban Pop Art Projects’ Artist President Margarita Korol, features QR codes linking to real-life home videos from Degtyarev’s childhood as well as to contemporary references that anchor the post-Soviet immigrant experience in today’s realities, and form a multimedia experience that appropriately follows the imprint’s inaugural book, Korol’s award-winning Spoils of War: Ode to a Refusenik Mother.


Multimedia Extravaganza

The complexities of love, choice, loyalty, and artistic license for one’s life all come to the surface in Aleks Degtyarev’s debut multimedia extravaganza of a play.  


In June 2012 Aleks staged a pilot theatrical performance in preparation for the final performance, which took place at the Roger Smith Hotel in the spring of 2013.

Is a person something or do they become it? In a play about identity one man, Marlo wades through the complicated episodes of his life to find out what he was, is, and what the future may have in store for him. Join him and the cast of Jewish [en]Lightning on this off-kilter, very intimate adventure and perhaps your own identity will be ruffled.

The year 2014 brought new projects and perspectives: The Window at 125 is pleased to present an installation by Aleks Degtyarev. Over 2 weeks Degtyarev will build the mystical city of Alladnam on view for passersby to see the evolution of its creation. Alladnam, the city within a city has no straight lines, and it is fitting that this amass of curvature is built within within the many right angles of Midtown NY.



Aleks Degtyarev Marlo: Jewish [En]Lightning