The Zing-Along Shabes project, a BluePrint Alumni project (2013-2014), aims to foster family traditions around celebrating Shabbat.  The project consists of a website and printable booklet that include artwork by Irina Sheynfeld, a toolkit of materials for educators and parents, and musical recordings of songs, prayers and nigns for Shabbat (featuring the voices of Cantors Natasha Hirschhorn and Maria Dubinsky, the folk singer Inna Barmash, clarinetist Dmitri Zisl Slepovitch, violist Ljova Zhurbin and a choir of 12 kids from the NYC Russian-Jewish community).   Together — the artwork, website, printed materials and the musical recordings – interweave to inspire families to create traditions of singing together, unplugging and reconnecting to their family and community on the day of rest.

The project website is at

Listen Here

shabbat painting sheynfeld




Dmitri Slepovitch

Irina Sheynfeld Strange Pilgrims No More

Inna Barmash Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs