About Face is a surreal drama about a Soviet Jewish immigrant family in America.

After years of living in fear, the Berezovsky family fled the Soviet Union to start a new life in America. Nine years later, 16-year-old Lina struggles to stake her claim on an elusive American identity, while her grandmother remains tormented by the shadowy figures of their past. As old world collides with new, the two women are brought to a final reckoning in this compelling portrayal of the modern immigrant psyche.

About Face received its world premiere at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn in December 2013. The play was born in Singapore, where playwright Essie Martsinkovsky spent two years as an MFA student. As an expat in Southeast Asia, Martsinkovsky arrived at a gut-level understanding of the dislocation her immigrant parents had experienced. About Face translates that understanding into a surreal, threatening, and bilingual trip through a no-man’s land between national identities, where family relationships must be re-negotiated in order to survive.

More information can be found here: www.aboutfaceplay.com


Essie Martsinkovsky About Face