The Challenges We Face

“Our Journey Home” was a photography exhibit that tracked various immigration patterns of Jews who left the former Soviet Union. The exhibit was a community event designed to raise awareness for the viewer with little or no knowledge about Jewish immigration from the former Soviet Union.  The photographs were taken in collaboration with Felix Lipov […]

Yelizaveta Rudnitsky Yelizaveta Rudnitsky

Ticket to Jerusalem

The International Mail Art Project “Ticket To Jerusalem” invited people from all over the world to create and mail in their “ideal” handmade art-tickets. All entries are exhibited online at The art exhibit “Ticket to Jerusalem” by Radik Shvarts was held at the JCC of Manhattan in April 2010. The opening event had approximately 100 participants, […]

Ticun Brasil

Since 2008 Ticún Brasil/תיקון ברזיל creates mutual inspirations for Brazilian and international art communities via innovative cultural exchange programs. Our projects promote lesser known sides of Brazilian art, provide volunteering opportunities for travelers to Brazil and connect artists worldwide. Ticún Brasil activities range from teaching photography and English in slums (favelas) to art residencies, improvisational music cinematic concerts, shadows puppet theater, Jewish […]

Alex Minkin Alex Minkin
Anya Rozenblat Anya Rozenblat