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In the Eighteenth Minute: A Short Story Collection

Literature & Book Publishing 2013-2014

‘In The Eighteenth Minute’ is a short fiction collection — stories set in the Russian Jewish community, mostly amongst emigres, but also some set in the former Soviet Union. The collection celebrates not only Jewish culture in Russian translation, but also Jewish religion in Russian translation. Becoming observant is, in many ways, an immigration experience, always being an Other in the foreign land of ritual and text study. Faith, and the religious community, can at once offer refuge to one who is left homeless, but also may offer reminders of the places we’ve left behind.

“My work at once examines my traditional community and its confrontation with the outside world, as well as the clashes of Russian Jewish immigrants and their American children. The stories are peopled by immigrants and traditionalists; each story is a search for home: in land, in religion, in culture, and in language.”


Avital Chizhik In the Eighteenth Minute: A Short Story Collection