Roots: The Classics

Cultural event series about Jewish representation in classical arts

Anya Fidelia Anya Fidelia

The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater

The unique staging of The Purim Spiel Shadow Theater gives a new life to the Jewish tradition of the Purim Spiel. The joyous holiday of Purim celebrates the salvation of the Jews in ancient Persia thanks to the cleverness of Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai who prevail over the King’s evil adviser Haman. This […]

Luba Proger Luba Proger
Leonid Khanin Leonid Khanin

The Russian and the Jew: Спасите наши души (A Play)

Staging of “The Russian and The Jew,” an original physical theater piece that explores anti-Semitism and misogyny through a female friendship in the Soviet Union in 1969 that underlines the eternal question of fidelity to oneself, to one’s partner, and to one’s country. Drawing on autobiographical material, this piece focuses on blending and re-visiting Russian […]

Бабушка – BAb(oo)shka

Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka is a performance and series of community workshops about translation between languages, generations, and borders. A performance that retells, reenacts, and represents the experience of being a Jew in the Soviet Union. It is a collage of three overlapping translations, with a live Klezmer Yiddish band and large two-dimensional puppets.