Ticket to Jerusalem

The International Mail Art Project “Ticket To Jerusalem” invited people from all over the world to create and mail in their “ideal” handmade art-tickets. All entries are exhibited online at http://tickettojerusalem.com. The art exhibit “Ticket to Jerusalem” by Radik Shvarts was held at the JCC of Manhattan in April 2010. The opening event had approximately 100 participants, […]

Ticun Brasil

Since 2008 Ticún Brasil/תיקון ברזיל creates mutual inspirations for Brazilian and international art communities via innovative cultural exchange programs. Our projects promote lesser known sides of Brazilian art, provide volunteering opportunities for travelers to Brazil and connect artists worldwide. Ticún Brasil activities range from teaching photography and English in slums (favelas) to art residencies, improvisational music cinematic concerts, shadows puppet theater, Jewish […]

Alex Minkin Alex Minkin

Unknown Woman in Three-Quarter View: Letters to an Imaginary Lover

UNTITLED; Woman; 3/4 view  is an installation composed of a 16mm film loop, a 12 minute video loop projection and a text piece. The project opened on December 23, 2013 at Hadas Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. The installation proposes several views and attempts at narrating the history and life stories of seven Russian-Jewish artists and one […]

Masha (Mariya) Vlasova Masha (Mariya) Vlasova

We|Come To America

A 7-hour scavenger hunt of the Lower East Side and Downtown NYC. The goal of this project was to engage Russian Jewish New Yorkers ages 22-35 in a program that creates closeness to their Jewish identity and roots as well as to educate about the immigrant experience in NY. A total of 21 teams – over 150 […]

Veronica Price Veronica Price

When I Grow Up (Little Odessa)

BluePrint Fellow and filmmaker, Kate Balandina, illuminates the lack of communication within Russian Jewish families who live in Odessa, Ukraine, as well as those who reside in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (A.K.A. “Little Odessa“). The film explores the lost connection between generations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kate Balandina Kate Balandina

Yiddish Lullabies & Love Songs

Inna Barmash’s BluePrint project (2012-2013) was recording an album of songs inYiddish, drawing from songs collected in pre-war shtetls beyond the pale in Ukraine as well as from contemporary Yiddish artsongs. She celebrated the release of the album with a concert at Joe’s Pub, and her disc has touched many families in the Russian Jewish […]

Inna Barmash Inna Barmash


Yiddish-Tish will combine learning Yiddish songs, every-day conversation, Ashkenazi fables and dance with an informal light meal. Yiddish-Tish can become a long-term project that blends into rich tapestry of Jewish events in New York’s Russian-speaking Jewish community. The main goals are 1. Develop a program that would attract a modern Russian-speaking Jew to learning Yiddish. […]

Zhenya Lopatnik Zhenya Lopatnik
Anya Rozenblat Anya Rozenblat

Young Jewish Creatives

Mark Gold aims to give a well-supported creative outlet to Young Jewish Creatives; to develop much-needed pro-Israel / pro-Jewish content and cultural collaborations for major media and social distribution.  This will be a creative hub that directly works with and supports the Israeli Government’s pro-Israel PR initiatives. A platform where any pro-Israel/pro-Jewish creative content can be […]

Mark Gold Mark Gold

Zing Along Shabes

The Zing-Along Shabes project, a BluePrint Alumni project (2013-2014), aims to foster family traditions around celebrating Shabbat.  The project consists of a website and printable booklet that include artwork by Irina Sheynfeld, a toolkit of materials for educators and parents, and musical recordings of songs, prayers and nigns for Shabbat (featuring the voices of Cantors […]

Dmitri Slepovitch Dmitri Slepovitch
Irina Sheynfeld Irina Sheynfeld
Inna Barmash Inna Barmash

Бабушка – BAb(oo)shka

Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka is a performance and series of community workshops about translation between languages, generations, and borders. A performance that retells, reenacts, and represents the experience of being a Jew in the Soviet Union. It is a collage of three overlapping translations, with a live Klezmer Yiddish band and large two-dimensional puppets.

Школа Пэна (Art School of Yehuda Pen)

A series of art workshops for children, exploring the wisdom of Jewish texts and art. Collective artwork created will have a purpose of moving towards peace, conflict resolution, empathy and reconciliation.

Ilona Bouzoukachvili Ilona Bouzoukachvili