In the late 1980s, the Soviet floodgates of emigration were thrown open by perestroika,. However, for thousands of Soviet Jewish émigrés, hopes of a quick arrival in America were shattered when the United States immigration service started denying these people refugee status while they were in transit in Italy. Stateless captures this untold story from […]

Michael Drob Michael Drob

The Cheburashka Project

The Cheburashka Project examines a generation of Russian Jewish immigrants who came to the U.S. as children in the late ’80s and early ’90s. This generation uniquely absorbed several worlds of influence during its formative years- the impact of a Soviet Russian background, the experience of immigration, an immersion into American culture, and a shift […]

Alice Kogan Alice Kogan

The Collective Effort: A Sartorial Journey

Documentary “The Collective Effort: A Sartorial Journey” follows the creation of a dress made from fabric hand-painted by Jewish youth, and its odyssey from a sketch, onto the cutting table, under the sewing machine, on the model’s body at a photo-shoot, to an auction to raise money for a Jewish cause. The documentary highlights the […]

Leonid Gurevich Leonid Gurevich

The Silenced Project

  The Silenced Project is a multimedia and piano recital including documentary footage about forgotten composers of the Holocaust and Soviet era. It brings to light and celebrates the music of Jewish composers who lived, worked (and in many cases, died), under two most oppressive regimes in the mid 20th century Europe. As the reign of […]

Sergei Deych Sergei Deych
Daniil Deych Daniil Deych

This Side of the Sea

An animated film that will connect multiple generations through their stories, using multiple animated mediums and incorporating traditional Jewish and Russian art motifs as well as real life anecdotes and family stories. “A young woman struggles with understanding her inherited fears, and moving through urban America as a Jew, as current events threaten to drown […]

Unknown Woman in Three-Quarter View: Letters to an Imaginary Lover

UNTITLED; Woman; 3/4 view  is an installation composed of a 16mm film loop, a 12 minute video loop projection and a text piece. The project opened on December 23, 2013 at Hadas Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. The installation proposes several views and attempts at narrating the history and life stories of seven Russian-Jewish artists and one […]

Masha (Mariya) Vlasova Masha (Mariya) Vlasova

When I Grow Up (Little Odessa)

BluePrint Fellow and filmmaker, Kate Balandina, illuminates the lack of communication within Russian Jewish families who live in Odessa, Ukraine, as well as those who reside in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn (A.K.A. “Little Odessa“). The film explores the lost connection between generations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Kate Balandina Kate Balandina