Handmade Charity NYC

Handmade Charity is a nonprofit project aimed at developing creativity and help social integration for kids with special needs by conducting cooking and creative master classes in local cafes and restaurants. The project has been successfully launched in Moscow two years ago with the active support of local Jewish community. Currently “Handmade Charity” hosts events […]

Ekaterina Schaltuper Ekaterina Schaltuper
Ekaterina Kovalenko Ekaterina Kovalenko

Happiness the Jewish Way

Happiness the Jewish Way is a published self-help book about happiness through the lens of Jewish wisdom. Happiness is the most important thing in our lives. But how do we actually hold on to this great happiness feeling at all times, despite the fact that the world in not perfect? Happiness skills are not taught in […]

Olga Gilburd Olga Gilburd

Helga and the Life-sized Carl Sagan

Helga and Carl is a 150 sq. ft. wooden sculpture in the form of an upright larger-than-life entirely interactive wooden book.  As the viewer opens, builds, writes, and engages with 30 interactive pieces (handmade books, photography collections, home furnishings, tools and customized clothing), he advances the plot as audience, narrator, and protagonist. Helga and Carl explores the relationship between […]

Alex Pergament Alex Pergament

Her Journey

Her Journey is a 33 minute documentary film that features the stories of Russian speaking Jewish women who went through evacuation during World War II. The story line of the documentary has five segments; moment when war begins, the evacuation journey, life in evacuation, the return home, and lessons for future generations. Karina interviewed four (4) […]

Karina Weinstein Karina Weinstein

IDF Project

From his experience in the Israel Defense Force (IDF) comes Ross’s COJECO BluePrint Fellowship community project designed to raise funds to support the IDF. The Project raised around $40,000 to support the IDF. With the money collected through fundraising events, goods and equipment will be acquired and delivered to Israel to give a tactical advantage to an individual […]

Ross Denisov Ross Denisov

If You Were Jewish (Migrants Nation)

An exhibit of children’s artwork

Vitaly Umansky Vitaly Umansky

In the Eighteenth Minute: A Short Story Collection

‘In The Eighteenth Minute’ is a short fiction collection — stories set in the Russian Jewish community, mostly amongst emigres, but also some set in the former Soviet Union. The collection celebrates not only Jewish culture in Russian translation, but also Jewish religion in Russian translation. Becoming observant is, in many ways, an immigration experience, always being an […]

Avital Chizhik Avital Chizhik

Inheritance of a Story

“Inheritance of a Story” is a COJECO Blueprint Fellowship Alumni art exhibit of three New York artists: Anya Roz, Tanya Levina and Yuliya Levit, juxtaposed with poetic prose of Clarice Lispector, mystical Brazilian writer of Jewish-Ukrainian descent. This show is a multimedia exploration of the tales of strangers in the strange lands – recurrent narratives […]

Tatyana Levina Tatyana Levina
Anna Rozhdestvenskaya Anna Rozhdestvenskaya
Yuliya Levit Yuliya Levit

Inheritance, an Immersive Installation

“Inheritance” is an interactive exhibit and live performance presented by The Inheritance Project, a storytelling platform that asks, “How much of our identity do we inherit?” Artist Katya Stepanov explores the impact of her own inheritance in an immersive exhibition of photographs and interviews with her family and extended community. “Inheritance” immerses visitors in the […]

Inseparable Borders

Art exhibit INSEPARABLE BORDERS: The Problem of Crossing the Line is Now You Find Yourself on the Other Side reception took place November 18, 2014. Event Facebook page. Paintings by Valentina Loseva Sculpture by Elisa Lendvay Curated by Nechama Winston THE 125 125 E 47th Street, New York, NY 10017

Valentina Loseva Valentina Loseva

Intellectual Jewish Salon Series

We’re building a clearinghouse of free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers – and a Jewish community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other at events in New York. Intellectual Jewish Salon Series will host speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity to help build a strong community for young […]

Anna Vinogradskaya Anna Vinogradskaya

JEvents NY & NJ

JEvents will collect Jewish events, programs and places in a single user-friendly mobile app with the goal of connecting Jewish communities to each other. JEvents NY & NJ will build on the successful model that has been working in Russia since 2014.

Elizaveta Pantiukhova Elizaveta Pantiukhova

Jewish and Connected

  The Jewish and Connected networking group was formed to help local Jewish professionals grow their businesses through referral marketing. Only one person per occupation will be allowed in every group. Everyone in the group must initial interview with Jewish and Connected Team Members. There is no membership fee. J&C Mission: The mission of Jewish […]

Karina Akimenko Karina Akimenko
Dmitry Zhernovsky Dmitry Zhernovsky

Jewish Children’s Museum Tour

For his community project, David Bas organized a workshop and tour for Russian-speaking Jewish families at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn. The workshop, attended by over 50 people, was followed by a discussion on the influence of Jewish roots and traditions on our parenting choices.

David Bas David Bas

Jewish Choices

A study and a follow-up parenting workshop on helping families develop a framework of incorporating Jewish culture and customs into their life and their parenting choices.